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GIF-IAEA Interface

The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) is focused on the research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) of six selected innovative nuclear reactor design concepts. As part of this activity, GIF working groups have developed and maintain a suite of tools to analyse and compare different design alternatives related to the GIF reactor concepts from the perspectives of: 1) economics and sustainability, 2) safety and reliability, and 3) proliferation resistance and security.

The IAEA supports Member States in the development of innovative advanced nuclear energy systems across the whole spectrum of technical areas. In the past many of the joint activities were related to the INPRO project and advanced reactor technology development [Nuclear Power Technology Development Section (NPTDS)]. Since the mutual areas of interest involve activities throughout the IAEA, other IAEA offices are continuously encouraged to participate in the meeting in order to continue the technical exchange and to explore and develop additional opportunities for cooperation.

Shared interests between GIF and the IAEA have been confirmed in annual interface meetings held at the IAEA since 2003. Areas of technical dialogue, coordination and cooperation have been explored in each of these meetings. 

Past Meetings: