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  • Must I have a NUCLEUS account to use InTouch+?

    • Yes, visit the NUCLEUS user registration page and fill out the required information to register your NUCLEUS account. Once completed, you will use the same username and password to access InTouch+, enabling you to apply for an event.

  • How do I know that my profile is complete?

    • The “Complete Profile” tab consists of three sub-pages; Personal, Education and Employment. Once you have successfully completed your profile, all three sub-pages will be marked as green on the status bar. The “Basic Profile” consists of one page containing basic personal information. If you are not sure which fields still require your attention, you may find out by using the “Check Missing Fields” feature.

  • I have multiple roles, how do I switch between them?

    • If you have multiple roles in the system, you can change your role in the right-hand corner under your profile picture when logged in to InTouch+.

  • I cannot find my assigned role, what do I do?

    • You may be logged in to an account where your role is not linked to your profile. Send an email to with your complete name, NUCLEUS username and registration email for further assistance.

  • Why can’t I update certain fields in my profile?

    • You have an assigned role in the system, and any changes to your personal details, e.g. first name, last name, date of birth, nationality and affiliation/institute, must be coordinated by the IAEA and supported by valid documentation (passport copy). Please write to to request the needed change.

  • Where can I check my previous involvements?

    • Review your previous participation in technical cooperation events by clicking on “Previous Involvements” on the “Home” tab.

  • I am a Registered Focal Point (RFP), National Liaison Officer (NLO) or Project Counterpart (PCP), can I take any actions under the “Profile Search” tab in InTouch+?

    • No, this tab enables you to search for participants based on the various criteria and review their profiles, previous involvements and applications. To endorse or approve, please navigate to the corresponding tabs based on your role as the PCP or RFP/NLO.

  • I would like to apply to an event, but can’t find it. What do I do?

    • If you can’t find an event, it means that you are not eligible to apply for it or the administrative process has not been completed. Please write to to confirm.

  • I do not have a passport, what document can I upload?

    • Kindly upload a copy of your identity card if you do not possess a passport. Should you acquire a passport during the application process, please update your profile by uploading a copy of your newly acquired passport.

  • How do I find my affiliation/institute?

    • You can search for your affiliation/institute by clicking on the magnifying glass on your “Profile” tab, sub-section “Details of Affiliation/Institute”. If it is not listed in the IAEA maintained database, kindly send an email to requesting your home institute to be added. Please provide the full institute name, address, city, postal code and country. .

  • How can I delete an application?

    • You may delete a draft application from the “Home” or “My Applications” tab in the right-hand column called “Delete”. Submitted applications that are pending endorsement or approval can not be deleted.

  • How do I archive old action items?

    • Select one record, or multiple records by holding down the SHIFT key, and click on the “Archive” symbol on the top left corner of the actions table. Note: you cannot archive items for events whose designation deadline has not passed.

  • What does the hourglass symbol mean?

    • It means that the designation deadline for the event has passed. You can no longer take any action.

  • I am an NLO/NCR applying for an event. Who approves my application?

    • The system does not require any approval. If required by your supervisor, you may upload supporting documentation in the “Application Form” under “Support Documents”.

  • When can I submit my application directly to the NLO?

    • - If the project doesn’t identify a project counterpart, the submission of the application will be sent directly to the country approver.

      - If you are a project counterpart, you will also submit your application to the NLO.

  • If I don’t have a medical certificate, how can I apply for an event?

    • If needed, the system will ask you to upload a medical certificate while you are applying for an event. If you don’t have one at the time of application, please download the medical certificate form and upload it with no content. If selected to participate in the event, you will be required to submit a signed medical certificate by a registered medical doctor at a later stage by IAEA’s administrative contact.

  • Whom do I contact if I see that the delegation list is locked by another user?

    • InTouch+ indicates the name of the person currently locking the delegation list. You may directly reach out to the user if known; or you may wish to contact for unlocking the General Conference and the Board of Governors, and for unlocking the Conventions.

      Please note that by forcefully overriding the lock, any unsaved changes of the last logged user will be lost.