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Catalogue of Facilities in Support of Liquid Metal-cooled Fast Neutron Systems (LMFNS Catalogue)

     This LMFNS catalogue is a living database, which is, in its current form, presents an electronic version of section 4 of the IAEA Nuclear Energy Series publication (in progress) "Experimental Facilities in Support of Liquid Metal Cooled Fast Neutron Systems. A Compendium​"​. 


     To overview the potential capabilities of 195 experimental facilities in 14 IAEA Member States to support the development and deployment of the innovative Liquid Metal cooled Fast Neutron Systems (LMFNS) and navigate yourself through the LMFNS Facilities Database"​ click on the below buttons: ​

                     ​​​                                                            Overview of LFR-1.jpg​​​
​​​     For detailed information on these facilities 1) click on the below button "LMFNS Facilities Database" (also on top of this page), 2) select the Coolant technology - SFR, LFR or both in the search box, 3) use other search and filtering tools as appropriate, 4) click on the Facility Profile you are interested in.