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Effects of Phytosanitary Irradiation on Fresh Produce Quality

26 February 2024 • 4:00 - 5:00

Effects of Phytosanitary Irradiation on Fresh Produce Quality:  The PsIP invites you to join us for this free-of-charge live webinar.This is the first of two webinars the PsIP is hosting to discuss phytosanitary irradiation and its effects on the quality of fresh produce post-harvest. These webinars aim to give insight into the practical realities of the industry, provide solutions to potential technical barriers, and discuss phytosanitary irradiation in comparison to other available technologies. Both webinars will also include a Q&A session with the presenters.This first webinar 'Effects of Phytosanitary Irradiation on Fresh Produce Quality' includes a presentation from John Golding (Research Scientist, Department of Regional NSW, Australia), below you will find the abstract for his presentation:"Phytosanitary Irradiation is a valuable tool for facilitating market access in some countries, by employing low-dose irradiation to eliminate or sterilise quarantine insect pests within fruits and vegetables, thereby enabling trade. In most instances phytosanitary irradiation treatment does not impact final quality of produce and is routinely used in many markets, however in some instances phytosanitary irradiation imposes stress on fresh produce which ultimately affects quality. This presentation delves into the effects of phytosanitary irradiation on fresh produce, and offers solutions to overcome potential technical barriers which may impact successful implementation. Additionally, this talk aims to assist stakeholders in better understand when, how, and where phytosanitary irradiation can be employed for specific crops and supply chains, while also highlighting and guiding future research to optimise quality and commercial outcomes."Please note: this webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the PsIP website and YouTube channel to view at a later date. 


international symp food SAFETY AND CONTROL.jpg

The IAEA invites interested contributors to submit abstracts for the IAEA’s International Symposium on Food Safety and Control, to be held from 27 to 31 May 2024 in Vienna, Austria, jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The deadline to submit abstracts for original papers, oral or poster presentations is 17 November 2023.


CN-322_Announcement and Call for Papers_updated


international food ionizing processing symp.jpg 

Less than 2 months to go before the International Food Ionizing Processing Symposium 2023!

Don't miss IFIS 2023, an exclusive event that will bring together industry leaders, manufacturers, and distributors in the field of food product ionization that will take place from September 26 to 28, 2023, in the Dallas Center - Texas A&M AgriLife (USA). 

On the program, 5 sessions and 1 practical demonstration:


Honour for fruit-fly researcher

A FRUIT-FLY researcher from Cairns has been awarded for his groundbreaking research into disinfestation.
Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries principal entomologist Peter Leach won the Bayer Researcher of the Year Award at the 2022 Hort Connections conference on Wednesday. The award acknowledges people with a track record of research.
Mr Leach said he had been working in the industry for 30 years to focus on the fruit-fly problem. Read more


National Fruit Fly Council of Australia

(Access 18 Jun 2022)



New CRP: Phytosanitary Treatment of Food Commodities and Promotion of Trade (CRP D61026)

As the commercial use of ionising radiation as a post-harvest phytosanitary measure to overcome trade restrictions on fresh food commodities is increasing globally, the IAEA is launching a coordinated research project (CRP)​ to develop a set of generic, standard irradiation treatments.

The overall objective of the CRP is to validate absorbed radiation doses proposed as generic treatments for nine key groups of pests.. Read more

Deadline to submit your Proposal for Research Contract or Agreement 15 November 2021​​​​


Second International Conference on Applications of Radiation Science and Technology (ICARST-2022)

19-23 April 2021, Vienna, Austria

Postponed until 22 to 26 August 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Due to the continuing global response to the COVID-19 crisis, the International Conference on Applications of Radiation Science and Technology (ICARST-2022) in Vienna, Austria was postponed from its original dates 19-23 April 2021 to 22-26 August 2022.

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International Food Irradiation Symposium 2021 from 09 to 11 March 2021.




New CRP: Innovating Radiation Processing of Food with Low Energy Beams from Machine Sources.

The Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture in collaboration with the IAEA Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences has launched a new five-year (2020-2025) Coordinated Research Project (CRP), entitled ‘Innovating Radiation Processing of Food with Low Energy Beams from Machine Sources’ (D61025). Those interested in undertaking research in this area should apply to take part. This CRP’s first Research Coordination Meeting is expected to take place in early 2021 in Vienna, Austria.



The Ninth Annual Chapman Phytosanitary Irradiation Forum

March 23-26th, 2020 Delayed to October 12-14, 2020

Melbourne, Australia



Past Events


 Eighth Annual Chapman Phytosanitary Irradiation Forum

Wed, Jun 13, 2018 – Fri, Jun 15, 2018

 Chapman University, California, USA

Hosted by Chapman University for the last seven years, the annual Phytosanitary Irradiation Forum has served to foster the rapid global growth of this application of irradiation to food.

The Eighth Annual Chapman Phytosanitary Irradiation Forum had moved to a new venue for 2018!

 Hotel Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao
Bangkok, Thailand
Dates: June 13-15, 2018

For more information click here.


The 19th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP19) - April 1 - 5, 2019 in Strasbourg (France)



pi-group-photo Organized in cooperation with the USDA and the Joint programme of the FAO/IAEA, the objective of the Phytosanitary Irradiation forum is to increase understanding and use of irradiation as a phytosanitary treatment to enhance global trade and prevent invasive pests.


  • DAE-BRNS life sciences symposium on advances in microbiology of food, agriculture, health, and environment; Mumbai (India); 3-5 Feb 2015
  • Sixth Annual Chapman Phytosanitary Irradiation forum looks at irradiated food; Chapman University, California; March 23-34, 2016