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Facility Name
Species                                                                       Strain 
ArgentinaBioplanta Mendoza  
Ceratitis capitata    TSL VIENNA 8Production Information
ArgentinaBioplanta San Juan  
Ceratitis capitata    TSL 2006Production Information
Diachasmimorpha longicaudata    San Juan 2008Production Information
AustraliaSterile Medfly Production Facility  
Ceratitis capitata    VIENNA 7/Mix 99/ August 1999Production Information
AustraliaQueensland Fruit Fly Production Facility  
Bactrocera tryoni    N/aProduction Information
AustriaFAO/IAEA Insect Pest Control Laboratory  
Aedes aegypti    from Brazil Production Information
Aedes albopictus    1. La Reunion;2. Bologna; 3. Guangzhou Triple Wolbachia infected; 4. Guangzhou Local; 5. Guangzhou Blank; 6. Roma Local; 7. Roma BlankProduction Information
Anastrepha fraterculus    1. Vacaria, Brazil/2010; 2. Piracicaba, Brazil/2011; 3. Peru wild/2004; 4. Tucuman, Argentina/2004; 5. Peru lab/2012 ; 6. Peru lab/2009; 7. Parnanirin, Brazil/2012; 8. Xalapa, Mexico/2013; 9. three populations from Columbia (Ibagve, lavado, Tolima)/2012Production Information
Anastrepha grandis    Sao Paolo, Brazil/2012Production Information
Anastrepha ludens    1. Mexico/2009; 2. Guatemala Bisexual/2012; 3. Guatemala wild/2012; 4. Guatemala GSS/2012Production Information
Anopheles arabiensis    1. Dongola; 2. GSS; 3. KGB-GFPProduction Information
Bactrocera carambolae    from Paramaribo (Suriname)/2010Production Information
Bactrocera correcta    Thailand/ 2011; Phetchaburi (Thailand)/ 2012Production Information
Bactrocera cucurbitae    1. from Mauritius lab/2010; 2. from Mauritius wild/2010; 3. Genetic sexing strain GSS from Hawaii/2005Production Information
Bactrocera dorsalis    1. Saraburi, Thailand; 2.Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Thailand; 3. Bangkok, Thailand; 4. Genetic sexing strain from Hawaii; 5. OAP, Bankok, Thailand; 6. Chataburi Thailand; 7.Yunnan, China; 8. Fujian, China; 9. Pakistan; 10. Myanmar; 11. IndiaProduction Information
Bactrocera dorsalis    Kenya/ 2012Production Information
Bactrocera oleae    1. Demokritos (Greece)/2003; 2. Nezigan L’ereque (Department of Herault) France/2011; 3. French-Demokritos hybrid/2009; 4.Valencia, Spain/2011; 5. Ospedaletti (Province of Imperia) ITALY/2011; 6. Israeli-Demokritos hybrid/2006; 7. Croatia/2011Production Information
Bactrocera papayae    Serdang (Malaysia)/ 2010Production Information
Bactrocera philippinensis    Guimaras Island (Philippines)/2010; Philippines /2009Production Information
Bactrocera tryoni    NARARA-EMAI lab. (Australia)/ 2009Production Information
Bactrocera zonata    Pakistan/ 2012Production Information
Ceratitis capitata    1. Vienna-8 tsl (Seibersdorf); 2. wild strain (Argentina); 3. Greece/2009; 4. many strains S.10.3, 56S2, 88.6, 1260, 68.6, wild (Volos Greece); 5. Sergeant (Seibersdorf); 6. 32 TET, 32 Water (Gottingen Germany); 7. Benakcio (Greece); 8. Egypt; 9. KenyaProduction Information
Glossina brevipalpis    Shimba Hills KenyaProduction Information
Glossina fuscipes fuscipes    CARProduction Information
Glossina morsitans centralis    TanzaniaProduction Information
Glossina morsitans centralis    BotswanaProduction Information
Glossina morsitans morsitans    ZimbabweProduction Information
Glossina pallidipes    Tororo UgandaProduction Information
Glossina palpalis palpalis    Kaduna NigeriaProduction Information
BrazilBiofábrica Moscamed Brasil  
Aedes aegypti    Oxitec OX513AProduction Information
Ceratitis capitata    TSL VIENNA 8/2004Production Information
Burkina FasoCentre International de Recherche et Development (CIRDES) Bobo Dioulasso  
Glossina morsitans submorsitans    NULLProduction Information
Glossina palpalis gambiensis    NULLProduction Information
Glossina tachinoides    NULLProduction Information
CanadaOkanagan Kootenay Sterile Insect Release (OKSIR) Program  
Cydia pomonella    2009Production Information
ChileCentro Produccion Insectos Esteriles  
Ceratitis capitata    TSL VIENNA 8 Mix/2006Production Information
Costa RicaPrograma Nacional Moscas de la Fruta, Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado-MAG  
Ceratitis capitata    BisexualProduction Information
EthiopiaEthiopian Science and Technology Commission  
Glossina pallidipes    NULLProduction Information
GreeceUOC-Fruit Flies  
Bactrocera oleae    Democritos/1966Production Information
Ceratitis capitata    T(Y;5)1-61/1995Production Information
GuatemalaPlanta El Pino Moscamed Guatemala  
Ceratitis capitata    TSL strain/ Vienna 7/Toliman 99/ 2.5 yrsProduction Information
Bactrocera oleae    Argov (2008) Yael (2010)Production Information
Ceratitis capitata    TSL VIENNA 8Production Information
JapanOkinawa Prefectural Plant Protection Center  
Bactrocera cucurbitae    Taiwan 6/2011Production Information
Bactrocera latifrons    YonaguniProduction Information
Cylas formicarius elegantulus    NULLProduction Information
Euscepes postfasciatus    NULLProduction Information
Glossina morsitans morsitans    NULLProduction Information
Glossina pallidipes    Uganda/1997Production Information
MexicoDr. Dieter Enkerlin Schllenmüller  
Anastrepha ludens    Original strain with many refreshments (bisexual strain )Production Information
Anastrepha ludens    Tapachula 7 (GSS color pupa)Production Information
Anastrepha obliqua    NULLProduction Information
Diachasmimorpha longicaudata    NULLProduction Information
MexicoPlanta de Cría y Esterilización de Moscas del Mediterráneo (Jorge Gutiérrez Samperio)  
Ceratitis capitata    TSL VIENNA 7-Tol / Oct. 2002Production Information
NetherlandsDe Groene Vlieg  
Delia antiqua    NULLProduction Information
PanamaComisión Panama Estados Unidos para la Erradicación del Gusano Barrenador del Ganado  
Cochliomyia hominivorax    Jamaica06/ March 2009Production Information
PeruCentro de Producción y Esterilización Mosca de la Fruta La Molina  
Ceratitis capitata    GSS Vienna 8 TSLProduction Information
PhilippinesPhilippine Fruit Fly Mass Rearing Facility  
Bactrocera philippinensis    noneProduction Information
South AfricaEntomon Technologies (Pty) Ltd (CLOSED)  
Cydia pomonella    NULLProduction Information
South AfricaX Sterile Insect Technique (Xsit) (Pty) Ltd  
Thaumatotibia leucotreta    2010Production Information
South AfricaSouth African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI) Insect Rearing Unit  
Eldana saccharina    NULLProduction Information
South AfricaFruitFly Africa (Pty) Ltd  
Ceratitis capitata    V7-D53/Mix 2001 (Dec.2001) replaced with VIENNA 8Production Information
SpainBioplanta de Insectos Estériles  
Ceratitis capitata    Vienna 8/2006Production Information
Tanzania, United Republic ofTsetse and Trypanosomiasis Resarch Institute  
Glossina austeni    NULLProduction Information
Glossina brevipalpis    NULLProduction Information
Glossina morsitans centralis    NULLProduction Information
Glossina pallidipes    NULLProduction Information
ThailandIrradiation Center for Agricultural Development  
Bactrocera correcta    ThailandProduction Information
Bactrocera dorsalis    Pakchong/ July 30 2000Production Information
TunisiaCarob Moth Facility  
Ectomyelois ceratoniae    Local strainProduction Information
TunisiaMedfly Facility (closed)  
Ceratitis capitata    Facility not functional since 2012 (TSL VIENNA 8)Production Information
United StatesLight Brown Apple Moth Unit  
Epiphyas postvittana    NULLProduction Information
United StatesFlorida Department of Agriculture  
Anastrepha suspensa    NULLProduction Information
United StatesMexican Fruit Fly Rearing Facility  
Anastrepha ludens    Willacy County, 2010Production Information
United StatesUSDA Pink Bollworm Rearing Facility  
Pectinophora gossypiella    /2000Production Information
United StatesOTIS Plant Protection Center  
Lymantria dispar    NULLProduction Information
United StatesUSDA Pacific Basin Lab Research.  
Bactrocera dorsalis    1993Production Information
Ceratitis capitata    1993Production Information
United StatesCdfa Fruit Fly Rearing Facility  
Ceratitis capitata    NULLProduction Information