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​Irradiation as a Quarantine Treatment: Research Protocols (Guideline IV)

Irradiation as a Quarantine Treatment for Commodities including Fresh Fruit, Cut Flowers and Durables against Insects, other Arthropod Pests
and Nematodes. Guideline IV Supporting services and facilities
Certain supporting services and facilities are essential to meet the standards of data required for a proposal for an irradiation disinfestation treatment(s) or a system to ensure phytosanitary quarantine security.

i. Holding or culturing laboratories for pest colonies or infested commodities. Minimum requirements are temperature control ± 2 oC and if necessary, ± 10% Relative Humidity. Controlled lighting for simulated daylength.
ii. Security against entry or escape of pests from infested commodities and between treated and untreated commodity samples.
iii. Adequate separate holding spaces for cages and containers for pest cultures and infested commodities. Storage facilities for culture materials and for out of season commodities, where practicable.
iv. Laboratory equipment for preparation of culture media, counting, weighing, microscopic examination, recording and computation of results.
v. An irradiator capable of treating experimental samples at ranges of doses required, ideally with a low max/min range for accurate dose identification.
vi. Laboratory equipment for dosimetry procedures for irradiation treatments.

i. Technical support for biometrical analyses, irradiation dosimetry and physiological assessment of treatments for damage.
ii. Technical library access, either direct or on line.