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​Irradiation as a Quarantine Treatment: Research Protocols (Guideline V)

Irradiation as a Quarantine Treatment for Commodities including Fresh Fruit, Cut Flowers and Durables against Insects, other Arthropod Pests and Nematodes.

                                                                                                                                                              Guideline V Checklist

Evidence shows

Pest is reported as causing economic losses , or

Commodity is listed as preferred, primary or secondary host for pest, or

Pest is intercepted from the commodity in

commercial shipments at least periodically (more than once) or

baggage, stores or mail lots routinely, or

Survey or field collection of the commodity results in emerging adults, or

The evidence does not strictly meet one of the above factors, but several factors strongly indicate at least periodic infestation of commercial shipments.
Host Status Unknown (Undetermined)

commodity is attacked by related pests but it is not commonly grown where the pest occurs, or

The pest attacks a related commodity, but the first commodity and pest do not occur in the same area, or

Rare or occasional reports of the pest infesting the commodity lack verifiable data, or

Data on commodity and pest is inadequate in the region of concern, or

Commodity does not meet any Host or Non-host criterion.

Commodity is not reported as a field host, and pest and commodity normally occur in the same area:

with negative survey results, or

the pest's hosts are well known (even if pest has been reared in laboratory tests), or

Routine examinations of the commodity reveal no interception history of pest with the commodity, or

Negative laboratory infestation results under optimum pest conditions, or

Combination of factors strongly indicates that the pest would not infest commercial shipments.