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The following fruit fly databases are available on this site:
Fruit Fly Names and Bibliography Database.
Fruit Fly Host Plant Database
F. Louie Blanc New World Fruit Fly Specimen Database
This is an interactive site for dipterists from all continents dealing with all aspects of dipterology (the study of Diptera: flies and midges) and dipterists. Here you can submit all your links to dipterological websites and events, post your dipterological queries in the forum, submit articles and news on Diptera, and contribute pictures for the Diptera Gallery.

A global public good devoted to collective knowledge creation and management in support of open-source education

EDIS is the Electronic Data Information Source of UF/IFAS Extension, a collection of information on various topics including the tephritid fruit fly species.
For inquiry, contact Roberto Antonio Zucchi ( WGFruitfly-L: (Web site off June 14, 2011).
The Australian Fruit Fly listserver is freely available for the dissemination of information that might interest such groups interested in the biology or management of tephritid fruit flies.
The International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization or IDIDAS provides information on the doses of radiation applied for these purposes to mites and insect pests of crops and veterinary and human importance. It includes data on both the radiation doses required for the disinfestation of generic pest groups on fresh and durable commodities, and also the radiation doses used to induce sterility in target pests for area-wide integrated pest management through the sterile insect technique, inherited sterility and biological control. Information on disinfestation and sterilization, where available, is shown together for each pest species. IDIDAS includes the most complete information available on major groups of insect pests as fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths, screwworm flies, and tsetse flies.
A diagnostic tool and information reference for the four Asian species of fruit fly (Diptera, Tephritidae) that have become accidentally established as pests in Africa, including the Indian Ocean Islands.
website presenting all available information with regard to some Ceratitidine genera from Africa (Ceratitis, Trirhithrum, Capparimyia)
Site with high quality images of exotic organisms of plant health concern to Australia including tephritidae species. The aim is to help with diagnostics of the listed species.
An online database has been developed on the natural enemies of tephritid fruit flies "Parasitoids of Fruit-Infesting Tephritidae". The database indicates for each parasitic wasp the history of taxonomy/nomenclature, description of the wasp, diagnosis and relationships, origin, distribution, introduction, biology and behaviour, host-range, and the biological control importance. The database include 171 taxon pages and over 830 linked citations to more than 180 unique references. And certainly the 300 unique images are an added value for a quick identification of the wasps. Reference: Wharton, RA and Yoder, MJ. Parasitoids of Fruit-Infesting Tephritidae. [] Accessed on Wed May 18, 2011.

Pest Fruit Flies of the World,L.E. Carroll, I.M. White, A. Freidberg, A.L. Norrbom, M.J. Dallwitz, and F.C. Thompson (Version: 15th July 2005).

Visit the Global Species website. A mashup of species data from around the web. This web site includes data of about 4,687 tephritid fruit flies species at this link:
The Tephritid Workers Database is a web based database
World-Wide Directory of Sterile Insect Facilities Facilities (DIR-SIT). DIR-SIT has been established with the objective of aiding the retrieval of information on worldwide mass rearing facilities of sterile pest insects and parasitoids for purposes of using them as part of an area-wide integrated pest management through the sterile insect technique, inherited sterility and biological control. The database compiles information on production capacity, the radiation process, quality control parameters and dosimetry. DIR-SIT includes information available on mass rearing of major groups of insect pests as fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths, screwworm flies, and tsetse flies.