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Thermostability of organophosphate pesticides and some of their major metabolites in water and beef muscle
Coulibaly K.;Smith S.
Study of single compound additives to minimize the matrix-induced chromatographic response enhancement observed in the gas chromatography of pesticide residues
Erney D.R.;Poole C.F.
Explanation of the matrix-induced chromatographic response enhancement of organophosphorus pesticides during open tubular column gas chromatography with splitless or hot on-column injection and flame photometric detection
Erney D.R.;Gillespie A.M.;Gilvydis D.M.;Poole C.F.
Reliability of mycotoxin assays - an update
Horwitz W.;Albert R.;Nesham S.
Determination of polar pesticides by phase-transfer catalysed derivatization and negative-ion chemical ionization gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Meiring H.D.;Den Engelsman G.;de Jong A.P.J.M.
IAEA programme of natural matrix reference materials for the determination of radionuclides
Strachnov V.;Valkovic V.;LaRosa J.;Dekner R.;Zeisler R.
Mechanisms of movement of organochlorine pesticides from soils to cows via forages
Willett L.B.;O`Donnell A.F.;Durst H.I.;Kurz M.M.
Preparation of a cabbage candidate reference material to be certified for residues of agrochemicals
Zeisler R.;Strachnov V.;Perschke H.;Dekner R.
Studies on F1 radiation sterilization of diamondback moth and mulberry wild silkworm
Yang Rongxing; Xia Darong; Cu Weiping; Chu Jiming;
The mass rearing and utilization of Trichogramma to control Lepidopterous pests: achievements and outlook.
Glossary for chemists of Terms Used in Toxicology.
Duffus J.H.
Combined effects of oxygen, partial vacuum, temperature, humidity and gamma radiation on mating competitiveness of Culex pipiens complex L. males.
Abdel-Rahman-AM; Wakid-AM; Hafez-M;
Combined effects of gamma radiation and some physical factors on the rate of development of Culex pipiens complex (L.).
Wakid-AM; Hafez-M; Abdel-Rahman-AM; Hafez-MK;
GC analyses of monosaccharides of Culex pipiens complex of China.
Zhao-TongYan; Zhou-Fang; Chen-LiYin; Lu-BaoLin; Zh
The influence of oxygen, partial vacuum, temperature, relative humidity combined with gamma radiation on the mosquito Culex pipiens complex L. I. Effect of exposure to temperature and relative humidity alone.
Hafez-M; Abdel-Rahman-AM; Osman-AZ; Wakid-AM;
Glossary for chemists of terms used in toxicology.
Duffus J.H.
Pesticides in shallow groundwater in the Delmarva Peninsula.
Koterba M.T.;Banks W.S.L.;Shedlock R.J.
Animal Products: Contributors to a Safe Food Supply
Anderson P.T.;Crooker B.A.;Pullen M.M.
Effects of gamma irradiation on the reproductive capacity and the longevity of Panstrongylus megistus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae).
Vercosa-P; Falcao-PHB; Furtado-AF
Radiation induced F1 sterility in Lepidoptera for area-wide control:
The reproducing capacity of gamma irradiated adults of Trogoderma versicolor (Creutz).
The study of population fluctuation of fruit flies on the way to Doi Ang Khang.
Segsarnviriya, S.Limohpasmanee, W. Sutantawong, M.
Effect of radiation on the sterility of Chinese citrus fly
Liu Qiongru;Zhao Caidao;Li Huaixie;Hu Zhaohui
Studies on the mechanism of radiation-induced sterility of Chinese citrus fly, Dacus citri
Review of irradiation as a quarantine treatment for insects other than fruit flies
Heather NW
Gamma irradiation as a quarantine treatment for carambola, papaya and mango.
Vijaysegaran S;Lam PF;Yon Rohani Mohd;Karim Mohd;Nordin Abd.;Ramli Hassan;Yusof Norimah
Dosis optima de irradiacion a pupas de Anastrepha serpentina (Wiedman)(Diptera: Tephritidae) para la obtencion de adultos esteriles sexualmente competitivos
Toledo J.A.
Mating competitiveness of irradiated Mexican fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae).
Moreno, D. S.; Sanchez, M.; Robacker, D. C.; Worley, J.
Irradiation as a quarantine treatment for Mexican mangoes
Bustos, M.E.; Carrasco, H.; Toledo, J.; Enkerlin, W.R.; Reyes, J.
US Environmental Protection Agency. 1992 (Feb. 4). Ethyl Parathion, Correction to the Amended Cancellation Order.
Gamma irradiation as a commodity treatment against the Queensland fruit fly in fresh fruit
Jessup AJ;Rigney CJ;Millar A;Sloggett RF;Quinn NM
Effects of gamma radiation on the insect mortality and fruit quality of Philippine ''Carabao'' mangoes
Manoto EC;Resilva SS;del Rosario SE;Casubha LC;Lizada CC;Esguerra EB;Brena SR;Fuentes RA
Laboratory Training Manual on the Use of Nuclear Techniques in Insect Research and Control.
IAEA Technical Reports Series 336
Effect of substerilizing gamma dose on mating competitiveness of Trogoderma granarium Everts males through three filial generations
Ahmed, M. Y. Y.; Salem, H.; Gharib, O. H
The role of gamma irradiation in tolerance of the confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum (Duv.) to some insecticides.
Abdel-Salam, K.A;El-Deeb, M.A.; El-Fishawi, A.A.
Irradiation of mangoes as a quarantine treatment
Bustos M.E.;Enkerlin W.;Toledo J.;Reyes J.;Casimiro A.
Effect of sterile boll weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and
Villavaso_EJ; McGovern_WL; Roberson_JL; Smith_JW; Ray_HW,; Monke_BJ
Competitiveness of boll weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Haynes JW;Smith JW
Column Extraction of Residues of Several Pesticides from Fruits
Kandenczki L; Z. Arpad; I. Gardi; A. Ambrus, L. Gyorfi; G. Reese and W.
Plant Protection and Quarantine Treatment Manual,
Mokliwoci stosowania promieniowania jonizuj4.cego kwarantannie roglin.
Ignatowicz S
Fruit-flies of the Eastern Palaearctic species of Urophora R. -D (Diptera: Tephritidae). II. Review of species of the subgenus Urophora s. str. (Communication 1)
Korneyev V. A., White I. M.
Reclassification of the Palaearctic Tephritidae (Diptera). Communication I.
Korneyev V. A.
Tephritid flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) associated with asteraceous plants in Eastern Europe
Korneyev V. A.;Kameneva E. P.
The practical application of irradiation disinfestation for food and agricultural commodites.
Marcotte M
Effects of disinfestation-dose irradiation on the physiology of Tai So lychee.
McLauchlan RL;Mitchell GE;Johnson GI;Nottingham SM;Hammerton KM
Experiment on irradiation of lychee for Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt)
Lin Chao Sen;Heather NW
Irradiation as a quarantine treatment for agricultural products infested by acarid mites (Acarina: Acaridae)
Ignatowiez S
Evolutionary Trends Of Alcohol Dehydrogenase Isozymes In Some Species Of Tephritid Flies
Matioli, S. R.;Morgante, J. S.;Lasserre, D. F.;Solferini, V. N.
Absence of infestations of Caribbean fruit fly in commercial Florida 'Tahiti' lime fruits
Hennessey, M. K.;Baranowski, R. M.;Sharp, J. L.
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