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Published literatures on tephritid fruit flies.  Full text might be available if public free.

Disinfestation of Stored Grains, Pulses, Dried Fruits and Nuts and other Dried Foods
Ahmed M.
Year: 2001
ID: 22619
Irradiation as a quarantine treatment
Hallman G.
Year: 2001
ID: 22620
Ionizing irradiation quarantine treatment against Mexican fruit
Hallman G.J.; Martinez L.R.
Year: 2001
ID: 22644
Mass rearing of the Old World Screw-worm fly, Chrysomia bezziana in Malaysia.
Bin Ahmad Hamdan
Year: 2000
ID: 22612
Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins Handbook
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Year: 2000
ID: 22637
Evaluation of the ISO 7932 standard for the enumeration of Bacillus cereus in foods
Schulten S.M.; in't Veld P.H.; Nagelkerkle N.J.D.; Scotter S.; deBuyser M.L.; Rollier P.; Lahellic C.
Year: 2000
ID: 22638
The Microbiological Safety and Quality of Food Vols. 1 and 2
Year: 2000
ID: 22642

Soil thin-layer chromatography and pesticide mobility through soil microstructures. New technical approach.

Year: 1999
ID: 22646
Radiation-field mapping of insect irradiation canisters
Walker ML; McLaughlin WL; Puhl JM; Gomes P
Year: 1997
ID: 22624
High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of sulfonylureas in soil and water
Galletti G.C.; Bonetti,A.; Dinelli,G.
Year: 1995
ID: 22617
Negative-ion Mass Spectrometry of Sulfonylurea Herbicides
Winnik W.;Brumley W.;Betowski L.D.
Year: 1995
ID: 22618
Citrus fruit irradiation viewed as viable alternative to fumigation in the U.S.
Brennand Charlotte P.
Year: 1995
ID: 22627
Emerging pathogens: Aeromonas
Merino S.;Rubires X; Knochel S.;Thomas J.M.
Year: 1995
ID: 22643
The reproducing capacity of gamma irradiated adults of Trogoderma versicolor (Creutz).
Year: 1993
ID: 24979
Radiation induced F1 sterility in Lepidoptera for area-wide control:
Year: 1993
ID: 24980
Effects of gamma irradiation on the reproductive capacity and the longevity of Panstrongylus megistus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae).
Vercosa-P; Falcao-PHB; Furtado-AF
Year: 1993
ID: 24981
Animal Products: Contributors to a Safe Food Supply
Anderson P.T.;Crooker B.A.;Pullen M.M.
Year: 1993
ID: 24982
Pesticides in shallow groundwater in the Delmarva Peninsula.
Koterba M.T.;Banks W.S.L.;Shedlock R.J.
Year: 1993
ID: 24983
Glossary for chemists of terms used in toxicology.
Duffus J.H.
Year: 1993
ID: 24984
The influence of oxygen, partial vacuum, temperature, relative humidity combined with gamma radiation on the mosquito Culex pipiens complex L. I. Effect of exposure to temperature and relative humidity alone.
Hafez-M; Abdel-Rahman-AM; Osman-AZ; Wakid-AM;
Year: 1993
ID: 24985
GC analyses of monosaccharides of Culex pipiens complex of China.
Zhao-TongYan; Zhou-Fang; Chen-LiYin; Lu-BaoLin; Zh
Year: 1993
ID: 24986
Combined effects of gamma radiation and some physical factors on the rate of development of Culex pipiens complex (L.).
Wakid-AM; Hafez-M; Abdel-Rahman-AM; Hafez-MK;
Year: 1993
ID: 24987
Combined effects of oxygen, partial vacuum, temperature, humidity and gamma radiation on mating competitiveness of Culex pipiens complex L. males.
Abdel-Rahman-AM; Wakid-AM; Hafez-M;
Year: 1993
ID: 24988
Glossary for chemists of Terms Used in Toxicology.
Duffus J.H.
Year: 1993
ID: 24989
The mass rearing and utilization of Trichogramma to control Lepidopterous pests: achievements and outlook.
Year: 1993
ID: 24990
Studies on F1 radiation sterilization of diamondback moth and mulberry wild silkworm
Yang Rongxing; Xia Darong; Cu Weiping; Chu Jiming;
Year: 1993
ID: 24991
Preparation of a cabbage candidate reference material to be certified for residues of agrochemicals
Zeisler R.;Strachnov V.;Perschke H.;Dekner R.
Year: 1993
ID: 24992
Mechanisms of movement of organochlorine pesticides from soils to cows via forages
Willett L.B.;O`Donnell A.F.;Durst H.I.;Kurz M.M.
Year: 1993
ID: 24993
IAEA programme of natural matrix reference materials for the determination of radionuclides
Strachnov V.;Valkovic V.;LaRosa J.;Dekner R.;Zeisler R.
Year: 1993
ID: 24994
Determination of polar pesticides by phase-transfer catalysed derivatization and negative-ion chemical ionization gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Meiring H.D.;Den Engelsman G.;de Jong A.P.J.M.
Year: 1993
ID: 24995
Reliability of mycotoxin assays - an update
Horwitz W.;Albert R.;Nesham S.
Year: 1993
ID: 24996
Explanation of the matrix-induced chromatographic response enhancement of organophosphorus pesticides during open tubular column gas chromatography with splitless or hot on-column injection and flame photometric detection
Erney D.R.;Gillespie A.M.;Gilvydis D.M.;Poole C.F.
Year: 1993
ID: 24997
Study of single compound additives to minimize the matrix-induced chromatographic response enhancement observed in the gas chromatography of pesticide residues
Erney D.R.;Poole C.F.
Year: 1993
ID: 24998
Thermostability of organophosphate pesticides and some of their major metabolites in water and beef muscle
Coulibaly K.;Smith S.
Year: 1993
ID: 24999
Organochlorine residues in human milk in Spain. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from 1988 to 1991
Conde C.;Maluenda C.;Arrabal C.
Year: 1993
ID: 25000
Report of the Final Research Co-ordination Meeting: Latin American regional co-operative programme on food irradiation (pt. 2)
Year: 1992
ID: 22623
The SCS/ARS/CES pesticide properties database: Select values for environmental decision making.
Wauchope R. D.;Butler T. M.;Hornsby A. G.;Augustijn-Beckers P. W. M.;Burt J. P.
Year: 1992
ID: 24883
Mortality, inherited sterility and phototactic responses of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) to laser beams of different spectra.
Year: 1992
ID: 24884
Influence of oxygen, partial vacuum, temperature and relative humidity combined with gamma radiation on the mosquito, Culex pipiens complex L. III. Combined effect of gamma radiation and the other factors on adult emergence and longevity.
Abdel-Rahman-AM; Wakid-AM; Hafez-M; Hafex-MK
Year: 1992
ID: 24885
The use of gamma irradiated Glossina austeni females as sentinel insects for entomological monitoring in tsetse control programmes.
Vreysen-MJB; Vloedt-AMV-van-der
Year: 1992
ID: 24886
Mass-rearing of mulberry wild silkworm, Bombyx mandarina Moore, (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) in laboratory.
Noh-SK; Kim-JG
Year: 1992
ID: 24887
Agricultural production - Phase 2. Indonesia. Insect ecology studies and insect pest control. Technical report. Report prepared for the Government of the Republic of Indonesia
Butt, B
Year: 1992
ID: 24888
Effects of gamma-radiation on mature pupae of maize borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Year: 1992
ID: 24889
Effects of gamma-radiation on mature pupae of maize borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Year: 1992
ID: 24890
Evaluation of an immunoassay kit for the detection of certain organochlorine (cyclodiene) pesticide residues in apple, tomato, and lettuce
Wigfield Y.Y.;Grant R.
Year: 1992
ID: 24891
Residue levels of dichlorvos, chlorpropham, and pyrethrins in postharvest-treated potatoes during storage or processing into starch
Tsumura-Hasegawa Y.;Tonogai Y.;Nakamura Y.;Ito Y.
Year: 1992
ID: 24892
Isolation and identification of impurities in technical quinalphos
Sanyal A.;Dureja P.
Year: 1992
ID: 24893
Analyte stability studies conducted during the National Pesticide Survey
Munch D.J.;Frebis C.P.
Year: 1992
ID: 24894
Radiochemical Methods Used by the IAEA's Laboratories at the Seibersdorf for the Determination of 90Sr, 144Ce and Pu Radionuclides in Environmental Samples Collected for the International Chernobyl Project
LaRosa J.J.;Cooper E.L.;Ghods A.;Jansta V.;Makarewicz M.;Shawky S.;Vajda N.
Year: 1992
ID: 24895
Liquid-chromatographic determination of 2-amino-3-hydroxyphenazine and 2,3-diaminophenazine as impurities in pesticide formulations containing benomyl or carbendazim
Koppen B.
Year: 1992
ID: 24896
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