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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! This page should provide answers to most of your questions. If you still have any queries not mentioned here, please feel free to send us an email.
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The Accelerator Knowledge Portal (AKP) is a website hosted by the Physics Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) dedicated to ion beam accelerators. Its intent is to cover all applications including Ion Beam Analysis (IBA), Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS), Medical Applications, Ion-Matter Interactions, Technical Aspects,...
 It offers not only a fully functional database of accelerators in the world, but many networking and community features in an attempt to bring together the ion beam accelerator community, as well as provide an introduction for those unfamiliar to this field. The basis of the Accelerator site is that it is community driven, that is, most of the content is expected to be provided by the users

Below is an overview of the features on the AKP at your disposal. As mentioned before, the Accelerator portal is designed to be user-driven, so YOU are welcome to submit content and liven this place up.

         This material is expected to be provided by the users, and shared among the community. Individual repositories can be accessed from the navigation bar on the left.

  • The calendar keeps track of upcoming events in the accelerator community. For instance, meetings, lectures and training events can be added, and will then be displayed as an event on the front page. These events can be created by any user.
  • The slideshow is an opportunity for all members to upload their accelerator pictures, and have it be displayed on the front page. All members are  welcome to upload pictures.
  • There are two news rotators featured on the main page, for keeping the community up to date with the latest news. They are the “Announcements” and the “Highlights” boxes. The Announcements box is for future events, mainly professional or academic news – for instance, job openings, or calendar events on which you wish to place particular emphasis. The Highlights box is for things that have already happened, general content - this includes scientific achievements, new facilities, anything you would like the community to know about can be posted here. We would like users to make use of these two boxes to share their news with the rest of the community.
  • The forum is a discussion board, allowing for greater interaction between the community. Currently, only one main discussion board exists, named “General Discussion”, but more will be created if necessary.
  • The marketplace is intended to facilitate discussion regarding the transfer of accelerators and accelerator-related equipment. See the top post in the Marketplace for further details.
  • Opportunities is a page where accelerator position opportunities can be announced by an Institution ("Job Opportunities"), or wherer candidates looking for a position in the field of accelerator physics can post their "Individual Profile".
All users can submit/upload content, and we strongly encourage you to contribute, as this is a communal effort! However, users are reminded to use the site in a responsible and mature manner, as stated in the Terms of Use. Failure to do so may result in the restriction of privileges and/or termination of your account.

We would like to let users know that they can also work on projects on our website using our Sharepoint Workspace function. Please visit the Workspaces for more information.


Access to the Portal

I do not see and can not access the "Documents" section. Why ?

These section are only accessible to registered users. To register, visit the How to join page.

Why can't I add events, pictures, or new announcements in the AKP ?

These features are only possible for registered users. To register, visit the How to join page.

Accelerator Database
How do I access the full Accelerator Database?
On the main page of the Accelerator Knowledge Portal, the short list displays only 5 facilities at a time. In order to access the full Accelerator Database, click on the Accelerator Database tab in the upper banner: 
You can also access the same page by clicking on "Accelerator List (xxx in total)" on the top of the short list, in the bottom of the main page.
Go to the Accelerator Database page, and click on the Facility Name (highlighted in blue).
A pop-up window, including all the facility information, will then open.


How can I sort Facilities in the Accelerator Database ?

Hover the mouse on the title of the column you want to use for sorting, which appears therefore greyed.

When clicking on the arrow at the right of the column title, a drop down menu appears. You can either choose to sort from A to Z or Z to A. This can be done for any of the columns of the Accelerator List. Note that this function
can also be used to filter and search the Accelerator Database ( see "How to search the Accelerator Database").


Let us suppose you would like to search for Tandetron accelerators in the world. Hover the mouse on the title of the column you want to search, i.e. "Description".
Click on the arrow on the right of the column title: a drop down menu appears. Click on "Tandetron" (or any other search term) in the drop down menu.

The accelerator list now displays only Tandetron (or other parameter selected) accelerators.

Follow the steps in "How can I search the Accelerator Database". In the example chosen, a search on Tandetron accelerators in the world has been performed.
If you would like to display Tandetron accelerators in France, firstly search Tandetron accelerators as showed above.
Then, hover the mouse on the "Country" column. Click on the arrow to drop down the menu, and click on "France".
Now, only accelerators corresponding to "France" and "Tandetron" appear in the list. 
How can I reset my research criteria ?
 When the list is filtered, a small funnel icon appears next to its title.
Hover the mouse on the title of the filter column, and click on the arrow at the right of the title to display the drop down menu.
Click on "Clear Filter from [Column Title]". The displayed list will be updated.

The update of Facilities Information can not be performed by users for the moment. If some modifications would be suggested, or if your Facility is missing in the list, please send us an email with your name and the name of the accelerator facility of which you are in charge. We will create the entry for you or update the correct information.