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8 July 2020 | Virtual 14th GIF-IAEA Interface Meeting

13:00 - 16:30 CET (Vienna, GMT +02:00) 

Group photo: Some of the over 60 participants participating in the virtual meeting.
Shared interests between GIF and the IAEA have been confirmed in 13 interface meetings held since 2003. Areas of technical dialogue, coordination and cooperation have been explored in each of these meetings. In the past, most of the joint activities were exclusively related to the INPRO and NPTDS technical areas, but evolved to include many other areas, including nuclear safety and security, economics, and educational and training. Within GIF, several Working Groups and Task Forces cover these cross-cutting areas.
The objectives of the 14th GIF-IAEA Interface Meeting are to:
  • Exchange information on the progress, status and future plans of activities related to RD&D and technology innovations of NES, including Gen IV reactors;
  • Monitor progress and update status of action items agreed in the previous interface meeting; and
  • Continue exploring new potential areas for cooperation, identifying action items and establishing priorities for further consideration.

Working Documents

Background Information (Uploaded before the meeting)


IAEA: Status of Activities and possible cooperation areas:

Sessions and Presentations

Session I: Opening Session  
Welcoming Address by NE DDGMr M. Chudakov (I) 

Objective introduction and Self-Introduction of Participants

Mr N. Kawasaki (G)

 Mr D. Hahn (I)

GIF 2019 Annual reportMr G. Rodriguez (G) 
IAEA activities on Advanced Reactor Technology and areas of cooperationMr S Monti (I) 

Session II: Opportunities and challenges under the increased flexibility on nuclear systems as attractiveness in social market

GIF EMWG analysis for the impact of increasing share of renewables on the deployment of GEN IV Nuclear Systems and future items to be developed

Ms M. Moore (G)


New INPRO Service on scenario modelling and analysis to support sustainable development of nuclear energy.Mr B. Boyer (I) 
Overview of current activities and publications in PESS, including costing approachesMr Henri Paillere (I) 

Session III: International standardization of Safety design and apply into Regulation

NSNI Activities and Priorities Related to Advanced Nuclear Reactor SafetyMs V Ranguelova (I) 
GIF RSWG activities for Gen IV safety evaluation and future collaboration with IAEA (including future SMR point of views)

Mr T. Sofu (G)

Mr S. Kubo(G)

GIF PRPPWG activities for Gen IV PRPP evaluationMr Lap-Yan CHENG (G) 
INPRO activities on Proliferation ResistanceMr B. Boyer (I) 
Update on Agency Safeguards-by-Design ActivitiesMr J. Whitlock (I) 

Session IV: Connect our results and appeal to the world (network, education & publicity)

GIF webinar activities & networking

Ms P. Paviet (G)

PowerInvest - Insights into the Costs and Benefits attached to Investments in the Power SectorMr S. Dardour 
Session V: GIF-IAEA cooperation matrix (Updates to be made offline) 
Closing Remarks ​Mr G. Rzentkowski (I)

Mr H. Kamide (G)