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IAEA-developed training material on "Quality Management System for Radiation Protection Monitoring Services" based on requirements of the International Basic Safety Standards, Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources (GSR Part 3), the respective generic guidance in the General Safety Guide on Occupational Radiation Protection (GSG-7), and the international standard ISO/IEC17025 "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories". The training material is available for download in English.

The training material, including twenty-four modules, target on all actors in radiation protection monitoring service, in particular in those organizations, which aim to get accredited through their national or international accreditation authorities. This includes specifically the following audiences:

  • Technical Managers of Radiation Protection Monitoring Services;

  • Radiation Monitoring Technicians;

  • Radiation Protection Officers;

  • Regulators.

Approved training packages may be copied, distributed, displayed, incorporated in customized presentations and used for non-commercial use as long as the source of the material is referenced to the IAEA approved training package.

Training Material

Lectures in English

L0 Introduction
To help services:
  • to demonstrate competence
  • to produce technically valid data and results
  • to facilitate cooperation between regional laboratories and
  • to assist in the exchange of information and experience in the harmonization of procedures
L1 What is Quality
  • How to ascertain quality
  • Importance of quality
  • What do customers need?
  • Sources of errors
  • Quality management

L2 Basic concepts of accreditation
In this lecture we will:
  • discuss the necessary actions to get accreditation
  • speak about the effort necessary
  • try to estimate costs

L3 Standards in quality management
  • Quality management system
  • Accreditation
  • Auditing and
  • Measurement devices
3 Exposure of Workers in Planned Exposure II.png
4 Exposure of Workers in Emergency Exposure.png

L4 Concepts for implementing a quality management       system
L5 Overview of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard
5 Exposure of Workers in Existing Exposure Situations.png6 Protection of workers in Special Cases.png
L6 Human resources and competene management
L7 Facilities and equipment management
7 Management System Providers of Technical Services.png8 Assessment of Occupational Exposure.png

L8 Metrological traceability
L9 Documentation

L10 Risk and opportunity
L11 Non-conformance management

L12 Internal audit and management review process
L13 Process requirements

L14 Test report requirements
L15 Validation

L15b Validation of external personal monitoring       
  • Use of TLDs/OSL systems
L15c Validation of workplace monitoring
  • Dose rate measurements with handheld instruments

L15d Validation of workplace monitoring
  • Surface contamination measuremennts with portable devices
L15e Validation of external personal monitoring
  • Use of active (electronic) personal dosimeters

L15f Validation of whole body counter measurements
L15g Validation of urine analysis measurements

L16 Measurement uncertainty
L17 Quality control and proficiency tests

Training Material
Quality Management System for Radiation Protection Monitoring Services (in English)