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NORM VIII Symposium Program                                                            

Challenges and Solutions


​Tuesday, 18 October 2016
Session 1: International and National Standards on NORM Practical Implications

Session 1: International and National Standards on NORM Practical Implications

 Session 2: Risk Communication (Workers and Public)

Tanja Perko, NST: Mission (Im)Possible: Communication about NORM Topics and Stakeholder Engagement

Vanusa Maria Delage Feliciano, CNEN: Importance of Participation of NORM Industries in Developing NORM Strategies

Rafael Garcia-Tenorio, Universidad de Sevilla: The Bridge from Both Ends? Comprehensive Extraction and Zero Waste Strategies for NORM Industry Tailings and Residues

Rafaella Menezes Ayllon, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo: A Case Study in the Munucipality of Ipero regarding the RMB Implementation and Public Acceptance: Would it be a Matter of Communication?

Session 2: Risk Communication (Workers and Public)
Levy S. Denise, IPEN/CNEN-SP: Risk Communication to the General Public: Health Risk of Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation
Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Session 3: Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal

Nick Tsurikov, Calytrix Consulting PTY LTD: The Management of NORM Residues "Practical Aspects"

Al-Hwaiti Mohammad Salem, Talal University: Assessment of the Radiological Impacts of Treated Phosphogypsum Used as the Main Constituent of Building Materials in Jordan

Schmidt Peter, Wismut GmbH Chemnitz: Management of Radioactive Residues and Wastes Generated During Remediation of Uranium Production Legacy Sites in Germany

Monken-Fernandes Horst, IAEA: Approaches and Challenges in the Management of NORM Residues and Wastes in IAEA Member States

Mazzilli Barbara, IPEN: Radiological Implications of Using Phosphogypsum as Building Material

Carvalho Fernando, Universidade de Lisboa: Radionuclides Behaviour in Potential Applications of Phosphogypsum

Van Velzen Leo, EURSSEM Environmental: NORM Management in the Netherlands - 2016 -

Sas Zoltan, Queen`s University Belfast: Comparison of Excess Radiological Risk of Building Materials and Industrial By-Products

Landsberger Sheldon, EPDI: An In-Field Deployable CsI Detector to Determine Ra-226,228 in NORM Oil Scale

Session 3: Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal

Waersted Froydis, Norwegian University of Life Science: Leaching of NORM and Toxic Metals from Alum Shale Under Oxic and Anoxic Conditions

Da Silva Francisco, CNEN: Estimation of Environmental Radiological Doses and Risk on Disposal of Oil Scale Wastes NORM by Landspreading and Landfill using the RESRAD-OFFSITE Code

Da Silva Amanda Cristine, CNEN: Study of a Reactive Barrier Design to Mitigate Acid Mine Drainage: Preliminary Results

Siciliano Umberto, Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear: Fabrication of Titanium Dioxide Supports for Ceramics Membranes used in the Treatment of Nuclear Waste

Dias Mariana, LAPOC: Uranium Recovery from Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Residue

Session 4: Natural Radioactivity

Van Deventer Emilie, WHO: NORM: A Public Health Perspective

Hunt John, UNSCEAR: Radiation Exposure due to NORM Industries

Session 4: Natural Radioactivity

Noguera Ana, Universidad de la Republica Uruguay: Natural Radioactivity in Clotilde Briozzo Lagoon`s Sediments and Water

German Azcune, Universidad de la Republica Uruguay: Gross Alpha and Gross Beta Radioactivity Determination in Rocha`s Coastal Groundwater

Casagrande Stanfoca, UNESP: The Use of HPGe Gamma Rays Detector for Gross Alpha and Beta Measurements in Water Samples

Souza Elder, IRD-CNEN: Use of NaI(Tl) Detectors for Environmental Gamma Survey and Background Radiation Mapping of Venues and Other Strategic Locations for Major Public Events 

Hashimoto Yumi, Federal Technological University of Paraná: Indoor Radon Activity Concentration in UTFPR/Brazil

Peixoto Claudia, CDTN/CNEN: A Study of the Variability and Spatial Distribution of Natural Radionuclides in the soil of Minas Gerais state

Rosa Mychelle, CNEN/LAPOC: Natural Radionuclides in Food and Water from a High Background Radiation Area in a Brazilian Southwest Region

Moreira Edson, IPEN-CNEN/SP: Natural Occuring Radionuclides in a Brazilian Mussel Reference Material

Zildete Rocha, Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear: Natural Radioactivity in Brazilian Underground Mines

Carrijo Danila, CNEN/LAPOC: Indoor Radon Intercomparison Exercises: International Experiences and Performance Evaluation at the Brazilian Commission for Nuclear Energy - CNEN-LAPOC

Bonifacio dos Santos Adriana, IPEN: Preliminary results of Ra-226, Ra-228 and Pb-210 concentration in mineral waters from Parque das Águas de Cambuquira and Marimbeiro (MG)

Damatto Sandra, IPEN: Assessment of U-238, Th-232, Ra-226 and Pb-210 concentrations in soil samples collected at IPEN campus, São Paulo, Brazil 

Damatto Sandra, IPEN: Assessment of U-238, Th-232, Ra-226, Ra-228 and Pb-210 concentrations in Brazilian roll smoke, straw cigarette and mentholated cigarette

Lacerda Thiago, LARA: Openings and Temperature are Important Factors to Decrease the Lung Cancer Rate in Mine workers

Reis Rocio, IRD: GEORAD: Georeferenced Database of Environmental Radioactivity in Brazil

Fonseca Adelaide, IRD: Temperature Short-Term Stability Test to Produce Uranium Soil Reference Material

Nascimento Berenike, CNEN/LAPOC: Uncertainty Estimation Using the Spreadsheet Approach for Determination of Po-210 in Environmental Samples by Alpha Spectrometry

Fonseca Leandro, IPEN-CNEN/SP: Ra-226, Th-232 and K-40 Concentrations in Brazilian Wall Paints

Ribeiro Fernando, IRD: A spatial survey of radioactivity in Brazilian territory

De Almeida Heleine, CNEN/LAPOC: A Comparison Between Pb-210 and Po-210 activity concentration on Sediment Dating

Meneghini Arthur, IPEN-CNEN/SP: Preliminary results of seasonal variation of Ra-226, Ra-228 and Pb-210 concentrations in mineral waters from Caxambu, Brazil

Souza Joseilton, LRA/IPEN: Assessment of natural radionuclides of the U-238 and Th-232 series determined in soil profiles and sediment cores from Taiaçupeba reservoir, São Paulo, Brazil

Campos Marcia, IPEN: Assessment of Rn-222 Concentration in the Soil Around IPEN Facilities

SAÏDOU, Institute of Geological and Mining Research: Car-borne Survey in the Uranium Bearing Region of Poli, Cameroon:  External Radiation Dose Assessment and Radiological Mapping

Ndontchueng Moyo, NRPA: Primordial and Anthropogenic Radionuclides in Soil Samples of Bauxite Ore Deposits Site in Western Region of Cameroon

Thursday, 20 October 2016
Session 5: Environmental Impact Associated with NORM Industries

Garcia-Tenorio Rafael, University of Sevilla: Radiological Evaluation associated to the Mining of Monazite in Central Spain

Franklin Mariza, CNEN/IRD: Assessing the Radiological Impact of the Caetite Uranium Production Center (Brazil) on Local Water Resources

Skipperud Lindis, CERAD CoE: Dispersion and Transfer of NOR and Metals due to Construction in U-bearing Minerals, Case "Road- and Tunnel-Construction"

Dutra Pedro, Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear: Evaluation of the Environmental Contamination in the Region of the Caldas Uranium Mine - MG due to the Presence of U and Th in Sediments, Rocks, Mine Wastes and Fertilizers

Jones Kelly, Public Health England: Disposal of Titanium Dioxide Industry Waste to Landfill - radiation exposures

Da Silva Nivaldo, CNEN/LAPOC: Natural Radionuclides in Sediments from Pocos de Caldas Plateau - Brazil

Ndao Ababacar, Universite Cheikh Anta Diop: Radionuclides and Preliminary Radiological Assessment in the Phosphate Industry of Senegal

Carvalho Fernando, Universidade de Lisboa: Heavy Mineral Sands Exploitation and Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in Mozambique

Michalik Boguslaw, Central Mining Institute Poland: The Unified Approach to Assessment of Environemntal Impact Caused by Releases from NORM Industry

Session 5: Environmental Impact Associated with NORM Industries

Pereira Wagner, LAMEL: Natural Uranium in Biological Material from High Natural Radioctivity areas in Brazil

Garcia-Tenorio Rafael, University of Seville, Spain: Assessment of NORM Contaminated Waste Associated with Oil and Gas Production from Ghanaian Oilfields

Villegas Raul, Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission: NORM Assessment in the Water Treatment System of Pocos de Caldas/BR

Nascimento Heliana, Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission: Occurence of Bacterial Leaching in Uranium Mine Effluents, Ore Treatment Unit, Caldas, MG, Brazil

Session 6: Industry Specific Studies (e.g. Oil, Gas, Coal, Heavy Metal)

Tsurikov Nick, Calytrix Consulting PTY LTD: Practical Cases of NORM Transport

Pohjolainen Esa, Geological Survey of Finland: NORM-related Mineral Developments in Finland

Carvalho Fernando, Universidade de Lisboa: Radionuclides in Tantalite Ore and Radiation Exposure in Tantalite Mining in Ethiopia

Jonkers Gert, Independent Consultant: NORM and Geothermal Projects in Greenhouse Horticulture

Ozden Banu, Ege University, Turkey: Investigation of NORM in Ash Produced from Yatagan Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plants in Turkey

Jonkers Gert, Independent Consultant: NORM in the Oil/Gas Industry
Session 6: Industry Specific Studies (e.g. Oil, Gas, Coal, Heavy Metal)

Bodor Karoly, Centre for Energy Research: NORM-al operation of the Hungarian Coal Power Plants

Alharbi Mohammad Hamod, Prince Mohammed Medical City: Radiation from Oil Fields

Reichelt Andreas, TUV SUD Industrie Service GmbH: Evaluation of NORM Residues from the Processing of Crude Oil in a Refinery

Garcia-Tenorio Rafael, University of Seville: Determination of Levels of Radioactivity in NORM lantern mantles sold in Mexico

Faria Ligia, Nuclear Technology Development Center: Pb-210 in NORM from Oil and Gas Exploration

Friday, 21 October 2016
Session 7: Occupational Radiation Protection and NORM Metrology

Harris Frank, Rio Tinto: UMEX: An IAEA Survey of Global Uranium Mining and Processing Occupational Doses

Liu Fu-dong, Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, China: Estimation of the Number of Underground Coal Miners and Normalization Collective Dose at Present in China

Okyar H. Burçin, IAEA: A New IAEA Safety Report on Occupational Radiation Protection in the Uranium Mining and Processing Industry

Carvalho Fernando, Universidade de Lisboa: Dose Assessment in a Phosphoric Acid Facility of Zimbabwe

Session 7: Occupational Radiation Protection and NORM Metrology

Ochoa Luz, GFNUN Colombia: Extended Source Efficiency Correction and Optimization of the Sample Position to Measure the Concentrations of NORM Using a HPGe Detector

Santana Luciana, IPEN-CNEN/SP: Determination of the Minimum Sample Mass of U3Si2 to be Used as Candidate Reference Material for Chemical Analyses of Total Uranium and Total Silicide

Silva Paulo, Institute of Nuclear and Energetic Research: Radiological Indices Determination and Correlation between Radioactivity and Stable Elements in Ornamental Rocks

Cavalcante Fernanda, IPEN-CNEN: Self-Attenuation Factors i Gamma-Ray Spectrometry of NORM Samples

Session 8: Decommissioning and Remediation

Monken-Fernandes, IAEA: The Experience of the IAEA in Assisting its Member States in Implementing Remediation Projects

Teng IyuLin, Atomic Energy Licensing Board: Decommissioning of Mineral Processing Plant and Remediation of NORM Contaminated Sites

Lavrova Tetiana, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute: Characterization of U-Production Residues, Containing High Activity Concentrations of Th-230 and Ra-226 at the Former PCHP U-Production Legacy Site in Ukraine

Rechberger Fabian, Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety: Evaluation and Survey of NORM Legacy Sites in Austria

Rowat John, IAEA: New IAEA Training Materials for NORM Related Activities

Fan Zhiwen, IAEA: Overview of IAEA Safety Guide DS459: Management of Radioactive Residues from Uranium Production and Other NORM Activities

Alberti Heber, CNEN/LAPOC: Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic Study of Groundwater Applied in Enviromental Remediation - Uranium Mine OSAMU UTSUMI/INB

Session 8: Decommissioning and Remediation
Castilhos Zuleica, CETEM: Metal and Radionuclide Availability in Treated Coal Mining Wastes from Santa Catarina State - Brazil
Ferrari Carla, Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission: Acute Toxicity of Manganese to Ceriodaphnia Silvestrii and Daphnia Magna in Bioassays and the Potential Toxicity of this Metal in the Uranium Mine Effluent
Franklin Paulo, IRD-CNEN: Measure of Rn-222 in Air with Passive and Active Detectores and Eficiency Comparation