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Virtual Technical Meeting on the Assessment and Evaluation of the Occupational Radiation Protection Appraisal Service (ORPAS)

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13 - 17 September 2021

Agenda (Click Here)

Session 1:

H. Burçin Okyar, IAEA: ORPAS Programme Implementation: Results Achieved, Statistics, Guidelines & Collaboration Platform

Helena Janžekovič, Slovenia: First mission in Slovenia - Good Practices since the Beginning 

Prasad Mahakumara, Sri Lanka: Experience of the ORPAS mission conducted in Sri Lanka and Outcomes

Patrick Williams, IAEA: ORPAS Database: An Introduction to the Management & Analysis Platform

Irena Petrová, Czech Republic and Ilieva Ilizastigui Arisso, IAEA: ORPAS References , Questionnaires and SARIS

H. Burçin Okyar, IAEA: Virtual ORPAS TM

Session 2:

Luiz Ernesto Matta, Brazil: Latin America and Caribbean region

Lidia, Dominican Republic: Mission ORPAS Dominican Republic

M. Hassan Kharita, Qatar: ORPAS Indonesia 

Emir Dizdarevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Feedback from Bosnia and Herzegovina ORPAS mission 

Session 3:

Veronika Drabova, Slovak Republic: Virtual Preparatory Meeting to ORPAS 

Buthaina Al Ameri, United Arab Emirates: Approach for Nuclear Embarking and Expanding Countries UAE 

H. Burçin Okyar, IAEA: RASIMS (Radiation Safety Information Management System) RASIMS Thematic Safety Area 2 

Ronald Pacheco, IAEA: Advisory Mission on the National Regulatory Infrastructure for Radiation Safety (AMRAS) 

H. Burçin Okyar, IAEA: ORPAS Training for the Appraisal Team Mutual Learning Opportunities  

Marina Binti Mishar, IAEA: TC Programme and ORPAS Mission: an Internal Stakeholder  

Session 4:

Jizeng Ma, IAEA: Historical background and role of ALARA Networks 

Patrick Williams, IAEA: Launch of new ORPNET website & features 

Chadia Rizk, ARAN Acting Steering Commitee Chairperson: Asia and the Pacific Regional ALARA Network  

Fernand Vermeersch, EAN Chairperson: The European ALARA Network 

Wilbroad Edward Muhogora, AFAN Chairperson: Activities of African ALARA Network 

Filip Vanhavere, EURADOS Chairperson: EURADOS: European Radiation Dosimetry Group 

Osamu Kurihara, ARADOS Chairperson: ARADOS: Asian Radiation Dosimetry Group 

David W. Miller, ISOE NATC Regional Director: The ISOE Global NPP Database Overview  

Session 5:

Borislava Batandjieva-Metcalf, Secretary of UNSCEAR: The UNSCEAR 2021 report on occupational exposure: approach, trends and challenges 

Werner Rühm, ICRP Chairperson: Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit for Purpose