NORM X Symposium Programme 

​Monday, 9 May 2022 ​

Opening of the NORM X Symposium

Session Chair: Jan van der Steen, President NORM X Symposium

Session Co-Chair: Leo van Velzen, Vice President NORM X Symposium

J. Van der Steen (President NORM X Symposium) 

A. van Bolhuis (Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection - ANVS, Netherlands) 

M. Pinak (International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA, Austria) 

C. Leijen (Dutch Society for Radiation Protection - NVS, Netherlands) 

S. Mundigl (European Commisssion - EC, Belgium) 

A. Canoba (International Commission on Radiological Protection - ICRP)

B. Batandjieva-Metcalf (UNSCEAR Secretary)

R. Wiegers (European NORM Association - ENA, Netherlands)

R. McBurney (Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors' Inc. CRCPD, USA)

T. Perko (SHARE/RICOMET,​​ Belgium)

Session 2: 25 Years of NORM Regulations

Peter Görts (ANVS, Netherlands): A brief history of NORM regulation

Philip Egidi (EPA, USA): Circular Justice? An example of the Circular Economy Clashing with Environmental Justice in the United States.

Miroslav Pinak (IAEA, Austria): Challenges in Regulating industries processing NORM

Konstantinos Karfopoulos (EEAE, Greece): Performance indicators for the assessment of the national radiation protection system

Session 3: NORM Sampling & Metrology (1)

Yasser Khawassek (Nuclear Materials Authority, Egypt): Radiological assessment of solid waste for uranium ore processing in Nuclear Materials

Gerardo Rodriguez (Inprosoam, Ecuador): NORM monitoring in pits of remediation of drilling muds and spalls in oil and gas industry

David Bradley (Sunway University, Malaysia): Radiation Survey Meter with Intrinsically Safe Extendable Probe

Korneel Cats (RIVM, the Netherlands): Radioactivity measurement in 'negative ion' consumer products

Session 4: Environmental Aspects of NORM

Sarah Radulovic (FANC, Belgium): Natural radionuclides and Cs-137 in biomass combustion residues- How to solve the puzzle?

Barbara Paci Mazzilli (IPEN, Brasil): NORM inventory in Brazil: Case study of the NORM inventory of Nb and Sn production

Tore Ramsøy (IFE, Norway): Remediation of a legacy NORM site in Norway

Peter Waggitt (Consultant, Australia): Uranium mill tailings management and disposal in Australia: Past and current practice

Session 5: Management of residues and the occupational radiation protection of workers in the geothermal and water supply and treatment industry

Ilaria Peroni (ARPAT, Italy): Geothermal energy production in Italy- Radiological characterization of plants and residues 

Lonneke van Bochove (Radiation Support, Netherlands): Radioactive waste management in Dutch geothermal sector

Burcin Okyar (IAEA, Austria): New Safety Report under preparation- Occupational Radiation Protection in the Water Supply and Treatment Industry

Session 6: Transport of NORM and its Challenges

Eric H. Reber (IAEA, Austria): International regulatory framework for the transport of naturally occurring radioactive material

Iain Brown (PHE, United Kingdom): Transportation of NORM classified materials

Veronika Drábová (Public Health Authority, Slovak Republic): Monitoring and regulation of NORM in the Slovak Republic

Session 7: Radon & Thoron - Protection of workers, public and environment​

Katerina Navratilova Rovenska (SURO, Czech Republic): Radon Action Plans in European Member States and the UK: Dealing with Radon Risk on Workplaces

Saïdou Saïdou (IGMR, Cameron): Radon-risk Mapping and Protection in Mining and High Potential Mining areas of Cameroon

Ryno Botha (Thortech, South Africa): An Overview of Radon Exposure to the Zama‐Zamas Group within Abandoned Underground South African Mines


Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Session 8: IAEA Environet Project

Horst Monken-Fernandes (IAEA, Austria): The IAEA Network of Environmental Management and Remediation: supporting Member States in the environmentally sound management of NORM

Marta García-Talavera (CSN, Spain): National Policies & Strategies for NORM Management: a Shift in Paradigm

Wouter Schroeyers (University of Hasselt, Belgium): NORM National Inventories: A Key Element to Support Circular Economy

Nicolas Solente (ANDRA, France): Cost of NORM Management Options with a Focus on Disposal

Session 9: SHARE/Ricomet - Opening Session and Nuclear Reactors in armed conflicts

Susan Molyneux-Hodgson, Chair of the SHARE platform (University of Exeter , United Kingdom): Opening presentation

Miroslav Gregoric (Consultant, Slovenia): Nuclear reactors in armed conflicts

Sergii Mirnyi (Chornobyl University, Ukraine): Nuclear facilities in military conflict: The case of war in Ukraine-2022

Joke Kenens (Belgian Nuclear Research Center, Belgium): Passing on Fukushima memories and realities - "Life after Fukushima" teaching materials

Moderated by Chair and Co-Chair: Discussion- What can the research response be?

Session 10: ENA- Opening Session and current and future challenges in the Oil and Gas production and geothermal industry

Christian Kunze (IAF-Radioökologie, Germany): Opening session

Lonneke van Bochove (Radiation Support, Netherlands) : Activity concentration versus surface contamination in Dutch Nuclear law

Mhamed Kahrwad (LPI , Libya): Chemical inhibition of NORM deposits in Oil Well; Squeeze treatment

Burcin Okyar (IAEA, Austria): Revision of IAEA Safety Report on Radiation Protection and the Management of Radioactive Waste in the Oil and Gas Industry

Session 11: IAEA Environet NORM Project (Continue)

Rafael Garcia Tenorio (University of Sevilla): Sampling and Characterization of NORM Residues – A Sine Qua Non Step to Manage NORM Residues

Julian Hilton (Aleff Group, United Kingdom)​: Valorization of NORM Residue in the Context of the Circular Economy

Andrew Smith (Consultant, United Kingdom): Decommisioning of NORM Related Facilities – The Lessons to be Learned, New Challenges and Innovative Thinking

Session 12: SHARE/Ricomet - Societal aspects of Radon and NORM

Robbe Geysmans (SCK CEN, Belgium): Radon Action Plans in European Member States and the UK: Transposition, Accountability and Assessment

Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain): Assessing the effectiveness of Radon Action Plans: searching for a systematic and standardized method

Melisa Muric (University of Antwerp & SCK CEN, Belgium): Methodological Lessons for the Evaluation of Public Attitudes and Behaviours in Radon and NORM

Session 13: ENA - Current and future challengs in the oil and gas production and geothermal industry (Continued)

Edith Amoakie Amoatey (GAEC, Ghana): Baseline environmental radioactivity assessment for a proposed disposal site of oil waste in GHANA

Jelena Mrdakovic-Popic (DSA, Norway): NORM residues and aspects of a circular economy – an overview from European HERCA perspective

Govert de With (NRG, Netherlands): NORM scaling and the use of GRE in geothermal well design

Session 14: Research and Development: Embedding NORM in a Circular Economy

Wouter Schroeyers (University of Hasselt, Belgium): Research perspectives for embedding NORM in the circular economy

David Allard (PADEP, United States): NORM and TENORM in Pennsylvania: Past, Present & Future

Vanessa Montoya (SCK CEN, Belgium): Reactive transport models and chemical thermodynamic data in support of NORM management

Session 15: SHARE/Ricomet - Societal aspects of Radon and NORM (Continue) 

Sofie Apers (University of Antwerp & SCK CEN, Belgium): Design Thinking as a Research Method: an Exploratory Case-Study of Design Thinking in the Context of Radon Communication

Robbe Geysmans (SCK CEN, Belgium): Treatment or threat? Analyzing the communication frames on European radon spa websites

Christiane Pölzl-Viol (BfS, Germany): Exploring the social perception of radon in Germany

Cynthia Reaud (ISRN, France): An inventory of territorial approaches for the management of domestic radon risk in France: difficulties, key success and ways forward

Session 16: ENA - Environmental impacts associated with NORM

Hagen Gunther Jung (GeoEnergy Consult, Germany): Decommissioning and potential remediation of mining/processing affected by naturally occurring radioactive material

Mohamed Taha Montaser (NMA, Egypt): Phosphogypsum conversion into potentially useful products, as an effective approach for radioactive waste management

Izabela Chmielewska (GIG, Poland): Application of 228Th as a tracer for determination of 232Th and 230Th in NORM

Anca Tacu (NRG, Netherlands): NORM in the North Sea and their impact on non-human biota

Session 17: NORM Sampling & Metrology (2) 

Nadja Zeleznik (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Development and testing of qualitative tools in radon and NORM

Juan Mantero Cabrera (University of Sevilla, Spain): NORM radionuclides in a soil profile from a former coal mine from Southern Spain

Session 18: IAEA Environet NORM Project (Continue)

Yevgenia Tomkiv (CERAD/NMBU, Norway): Risk communication and stakeholder involvement: lessons learned for NORM-containing residues

David Hevey (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland): Remediators versus non-remediators: Exploratory focus groups with residents of dwellings in high radon prone area in Ireland.

Joke Kenens (SCK CEN, Belgium): Passing on Fukushima memories and realities: 'Life after Fukushima' teaching materials

Session 19: ENA - NORM Residue and Waste Management

Stéphane Pepin (Fanc, Belgium): End-of-waste criteria for NORM residues in Belgium: Examples and cases

Siiri Salupere (University of Tartu, Estonia): ICONDE – innovation in concrete design for hazardous waste management applications

Laura Urso (BfS, Germany)​: Development of a methodology at European level for dose-assessment and estimate of amount of NORM residues disposable in conventional landfills

Wednesday, 11 May 2022


Session 20: SHARE/Ricomet: Introduction to societal challenges in decommissioning projects

Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium): Opening and “Introduction to societal challenges in decommissioning projects and importance of communication and stakeholder engagement"

Diletta Colette Invernizzi, (Jacobs, United Kingdom): Managing social challenges in the nuclear decommissioning industry: A responsible approach towards better performance

Michele Laraia (author of the Elsevier books on decommissioning, Austria): Overview of communication experiences in past decommissioning projects

Ferdiana Hoti (SCK CEN & University Antwerp, Belgium): Uncertainty communication and public participation in decision-making related to decommissioning of nuclear installations



Session 21: ENA - Experiences and challenges in protection of workers, public and environment

Cristina Nuccetelli (ISS, Italy): Development of a methodology at European level for dose-assessment to members of public following use of NORM sludge in agriculture.

Steven H. Brown (SHB Inc., United States): Development of Radiological Screening Levels and Associated Gamma Survey Methodologies for Radiological Characterization at US DOE Defense-Related Uranium Mine (DRUM) Sites – An Update

Francis Otoo (GAEC, Ghana): Radiation Protection in Industries with NORM in Ghana – Experiences and Challenges

Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland): Thorium 232 an inexplicable radionuclide


Session 22: SHARE/Ricomet: Practical experiences from communication and stakeholder engagement in decommissioning from different countries

Philip Matthews, (Nuclear legacy advisory forum -Nuleaf-, United Kingdom): Speakers from past and on-going decommissioning sites in the UK. * Communication and stakeholder involvement experiences from different decommissioning projects in the UK

Nia Swann Boden, (Country Council, United Kingdom): Local experience on communication and stakeholder engagement from Gwynydd Trawsfynydd site

Meritxell Martell, (Merience, Spain): Communication and stakeholder involvement with local communities: the experience of the Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities

Carl Sommerholt, (Vattenfall, Sweden): Communication and stakeholder experiences and lessons learned about decommissioning in Sweden

Session 23: ENA - Experiences and challenges in protection of workers, public and environment (continued) 

Christian Kunze (IAF-Radioökologie, Germany): Drone-based gamma spectrometry of NORM-affected areas and uranium legacy sites: results and outlook of the DUB-GEM research & development project

Michael Streicher (3DGamma, United States): Miniaturized High-resolution CZT modules for Drone-based Waste Characterization

Ivica Prlic (IMI, Croatia): Radiological characterization of a new public research building IMI_ReC


Session 24: SHARE/Ricomet - Participatory workshop on challenges for communication and stakeholder engagement in decommissioning of nuclear facilities from different countries

Moderator: Tanja Perko, (SCK CEN, Belgium): Panel discussion- Lessons learned or to be learned from practical experiences in communicating decommissioning projects and engaging with stakeholders: Dialogue with panelists and participants

Work in groups, moderated by Social Scientists and Humanities researchers: Workshop part 1- Participatory workshop to recognize challenges and good practices for communication and stakeholder involvement with focus on internal communication; External communication and local stakeholders

Panel Session, panelists: reporters from the groups

Session 25: ENA - RADONORM 

Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland) - The EU survey on NORM: goals, challenges encountered and preliminary results

Panel name:  Workshop to discuss the RADONORM survey results within the ENA members (open for all NORM X attendees)
     Moderator: Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland)
     Panellists: Laura Urso (BFS, Germany) & Jelena Mrdakovic-Popic (DSA, Norway)

WG meetings


Session 26: SHARE/Ricomet - Participatory workshop to develop recommendations for communication and stakeholder engagement in decommissioning of nuclear facilities 

Workshop part 2: Participatory workshop to develop recommendations on how to communicate and engage with stakeholders before and during decommissioning projects - Moderators: SSH researchers   

Panel Session, panelists: reporters from the groups and way forward, moderated by Robbe Geysmans (SCK CEN, Belgium)



Session 27: ENA- events, WG-meetings, and Annual meeting 

ENA Annual Meeting




Thursday, 12 May 2022


Session 28: NORM Sampling and Metrology (3) 

Luis Ernesto Matta (IRD, Brazil) - NORM Sampling & Metrology

Antti Kallio (STUK, Finland) - Improvements in the gamma-ray measurements of NORM residues

Evgeny Taskaev (Eckert & Ziegler Analytics, Inc, United States) - Calibration Standards and Performance Testing Samples in NORM Analysis

Filippo Rodari (LB Services, Italy) - Applications of NDAs to Improve NORM's Radiological Characterization Process

Session 29: SHARE/Ricomet - Social science and humanities in ionizing radiation research 

Joke Kenens (SCK CEN, Belgium): Post-Fukushima (non-)interactions: citizen radiation measuring organizations & local governments

Louise Elstow (University of Lancaster, United Kingdom)​: 0.23µSv/hr and the value of radiation's numbers in Japan

Gaston Meskens (SCK CEN, Belgium): Can we develop a manual to assist the responsible generation and use of science as policy advice?

Ferdiana Hoti Krasniqi (SCK CEN, Belgium): Uncertainty communication and public participation in decision-making related to decommissioning of nuclear installations


Session 30: ENA - Current and future challenges on communication of risks, recycling, revalorization of residues and coordinated EU R&D approaches 

Stephane Pepin (Fanc, Belgium)​: Communicating the Risks of Materials with NORM – A Practitioner's Perspective

Marcin Płachciak, (AMPHOS21, Spain): Challenges in recycling NORM from the dicalcium phosphate industry

Barbara Paci Mazzilli, (IPN, Brasil): Revalorization of Residues in the Scope of the Circular Economy. Case study from the Titanium Dioxide Industry in Brazil

Hildegarde Vandenhove, (SCK CEN, Belgium): Coordinated approaches to EUROPEAN research and innovation: The importance of MEENAS​

Session 31: Industry - Challenges and experiences in operational practices in non-uranium and REE-mining 

Ulrich Schwela (TIC, United Kingdom): The reprocessing of NORM residues from tin mining and smelting, to extract further valuable metal content of tantalum, niobium and tin, and to reduce waste

Pipat Laowattanabandit (Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok, Thailand): Characteristics of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) resulted from formerly intensive tin mining in Phuket Province, the most popular tourist place of Thailand

Reuben Katebe, (Nat. Inst. for Scientific and Industrial Research, Zambia): Ecological risk assessment in communities around Lumwana mine due to Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials,

Session 32: SHARE/Ricomet - Social science and humanities in ionizing radiation research (continued) 

Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain): Evaluation of the contribution of citizen science projects to radon research

Caroline Schieber (CEPN, France): New Citizen Science Projects to Stimulate Radon Remediation

Ana Rita Melo (CFisUC, Portugal): Radiation risk perception during uranium mining, decommissioning and remediation: the case study of Urgeiriça

Session 33: ENA - New Initiatives on the exchange of information on NORM and ideas on NORM management through a social lens 

Stéphane Pepin (FANC, Belgium): Introducing REGSUN – IAEA Regulatory Forum for Safety of Uranium production and NORM

Catrinel Turcanu (SCK CEN, Belgium): NORM management through a social lens

Burcin Okyar (IAEA, Austria): A new information exchange platform for NORM (ISEMIR- N)

Session 34: Future - NORM Residues applied in a circular economy 

Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain): Evaluation of the contribution of citizen science projects to radon research

Caroline Schieber (CEPN, France): New Citizen Science Projects to Stimulate Radon Remediation

Ana Rita Melo (CFisUC, Portugal): Radiation risk perception during uranium mining, decommissioning and remediation: the case study of Urgeiriça

Julian Hilton (Aleff Group):​ Revaluing NORM Residues - The circular Economy Dividend

Analia Canoba (ICRP, Argentina): Challenges to face for some countries to implement a circular economy 

Session 35: SHARE/Ricomet - Social Science and Humanities in ionizing radiation research and poster pitches 

Nazanin Love (University of Hasselt, Belgium): Marketing and societal challenges of alternative cementitious binders made with NORM contaminated by-products

Lina da Conceição Capela de Vieira (Inst. Poli. Lisboa): Anxiety in patients undergo PET/CT scanners: causes, levels, and prevention

Poster Pitches​

Session 36: Panel - Protection of workers, public, and environment 

Topic to discuss: Future: How to deal and to solve the challenges in protecting workers, public and environment in a Circular Economy with materials containing elevated levels of NORM in a sustainable way?

Moderator: Analia Canoba (ICRP, [ARN] Argentina)


Session 37: Panel - Residues Management

Topic to discuss: Future: What are eventual solutions in order to avoid / to minimize “residue's management"  in a Circular Economy"?

Moderator: Julian Hilton


Session 38: Panel - Mining, decommissioning and remediation 

Topic to discuss: Future: The new normal “a Circular Economy" for sustainable mining, decommissioning and remediation. How to reach?

Moderator: Christian Kunze (IAF-Radioökologie, Germany)


Friday, 13 May 2022

Session 39: "Highlighting presentations" 

Horst Monken-Fernandes (IAEA, Austria): The holistic approach to NORM management

Philip Egidi (EPA, United States)​: United States efforts to support domestic supplies of critical minerals

Martijn van der Schaaf (RIVM, Netherlands): Radioactive waste generation, management routes and national radioactive waste inventory in the Netherlands

Session 40: Closing Session 

Session Chair: Jan van der Steen, President NORM X Symposium
Session Co-Chair: Leo van Velzen, Vice President NORM X Symposium

Conclusions and recommendations:

  • Kelly Jones (HSA, United Kingdom)
  • Burçin Okyar (IAEA, Austria)

Announcement NORM XI:

Closing remarks from:

Closing of the NORM X Symposium:

  • Jan van der Steen, (President NORM X Symposium)​

Refresher Courses

Burcin Okyar (IAEA, Vienna): Regulatory Framework for the Safe Management of NORM - from Regulations to Implementation, "International recommendations and European requirements"

Stefan Mundigl (European Commission - EC, Belgium): Regulatory Framework for the Safe Management of NORM - Requirements in the European Union

Analia Canoba (ICRP, [ARN] Argentina) & Jean-Francois Leconte (IRSN, France): The Application of the ICRP System to NORM in Industrial Processes

Konstantinos Karfopoulos (EEAE, Greece): From Fundamental Safety Principles to Operation Radiation Protection Programs

Christian Kunze (IAF - Radiookologie, Germany): Assessing public exposure from NORM discharges - Key parameters and simple approaches to dose estimates

Cameron Lawrence (ARPANSA, Australia): Regulators Perspective on the Assessment of Environmental NORM Risk

James McCullogh​ (NJDEP, United States): Decommissioning of NORM sites - Case studies of water treatment facilities

Mette Nilsen (Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Norway): Decommissioning of NORM industry in NORWAY - Oil and Gas industry facilities

Zhiwen Fan (IAEA, Vienna): Workshop on Safety of NORM Residues​

Tanja Perko (SHARE & SCK CEN, Belgium)​: Risk and Health communication about NORM: From Theory to Practice. 


Amanda Gomes Lopes (COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil): Main regulatory requirements to elaborate a specific regulation for disposal of bulk NORM waste in oil and gas - Brazilian case

Cristina Tanzi ( National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands)​: NORM discharges to air and water in the Netherlands - Highlights of 35 years of discharge data analysis and environmental monitoring

David Okoh Kpeglo (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Ghana): Reuse of tank bottom petroleum sludge for socio economic development - A case study in Ghana

Federica Leonardi (INAIL, Italy): Evaluation of the radiological impact of building materials containing NORM residues

Florian Abraham (RICOMET)​: Disposal choices - the contruction of safety in the management of nuclear wastes

Francis Otoo (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Ghana): Radiation protection in industries with NORM in Ghana - Experiences and challenges

Ivana Zenata (State Office for Nuclear Safety, Czech Republic): Collections of Minterals as NORM Workplace

Ivica Prlic (Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Croatia): Reusing NORM residues from OIl and Gas Industry in Republic of Croatia

Juan Mantero (University of Sevilla, Spain): NORM Radionuclides in a soil profile from a former coal mine from southern Spain

Korneel Cats (RIVM, Netherlands): Radioactivity measurements in 'negative ion' consumer products

Linde Pollet (Hasselt University, Belgium): Managing residues from geothermal installations - Introducing a socio-technical approach

Maria de Lurdes Dinis (CERENA-FEUP, Portugal): Impact of residual radioactivity associated with NORMs in the water supply cycle

Marta Garcia-Talavera (CSN, Spain): The role of metal mining in the circular economy - Radiation protection considerations from Spain's Experience

Maruf Abubakar (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Ghana): Effectiveness of Micro-coprecipitation technique with LaF3 as an alternative for alpha spectrometry

Meritxell Martell (Merience SCP, Spain): Education and Training - The missing link in Radon Action Plans

Olalekan Olatunji (School of Applied Sciences, Nigeria): Radiological Assessment of SOil Used for Agriculture in Southern Nigeria - A case study of Federal Polytechnic Ile-Oluji Research Farm

Panagiota Founta (RICOMET, EEAE, Greece): Awareness campaign on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation issues

Robbe Geysmans (CEN, Belgium): Remembering radioactive waste - Meeting the needs of the past, present, and future

Rosabianca Trevisi (INAIL, Italy): Overview on NORM involving Industrial sectors in Italy

Teng Iyu Lin (Atomic Energy Licensing Board, Malaysia): Reuse and recycle of naturally occuring radioactive materials (NORM) residues

Vanessa Montoya (SCK CEN, Belgium): Reactive transport models and chemical thermodynamic data in support of NORM management 

Veronika Drábová (Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic)​: Monitoring and Regulation of NORM in the Slovak Republic