IAEA-developed training material on occupational radiation protection based on GSG-7, which provides general guidance on the development of occupational radiation protection programmes, in accordance with the requirements of GSR Part 3 and appropriate for the sources of radiation likely to be encountered in the workplaces in question. The training material is available for download in English and Spanish.

The ten modules, developed in collaboration with the International Labour Office , intend for regulatory bodies, but also useful to employers, licensees and registrants; to management bodies and their specialist advisers; and to health and safety committees concerned with radiation protection of workers. It may also be used by workers and their representatives to encourage safe working practices.

Approved training packages may be copied, distributed, displayed, incorporated in customized presentations and used for non-commercial use as long as the source of the material is referenced to the IAEA approved training package. 

Training Material

Lectures in English and Spanish

1 Introduction and Framework for ORP
  • IAEA Safety Standards
  • Background to GSG 7
  • GSG 7 Structure and Course Programme
  • Framework for ORP
2 Exposure of Workers in Planned Exposure Situation (Part 1)
  • Application
  • Regulation
  • Optimization and Dose Limitation
  • Radiation Protection Programmes
  • Prior Radiological Evaluation
  • Qualified Experts
  • Source Accountancy
  • Designation of Areas
  • Local Rules
1 Introduction and Framework for ORP.png2 Exposure of Workers in Planned Exposure I.png
3 Exposure of Workers in Planned Exposure Situation (Part 2)
  • Work Planning
  • Exposure Assessments and Monitoring Programmes
  • Workplace Monitoring
  • Individual Monitoring
  • Investigations
  • Record Keeping
  • Information, Instruction and Training
  • Auditing
  • Exposure of Workers to Natural Sources
4 Exposure of Workers in Emergency Exposure Situation
  • Emergency Planning and Responsibilities
  • Protection of Emergency Workers
  • Managing the Exposure of Emergency Workers
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Medical Attention
3 Exposure of Workers in Planned Exposure II.png4 Exposure of Workers in Emergency Exposure.png
5 Exposure of Workers in Existing Exposure Situation
  • Introduction
  • Protection Strategies
  • Justification
  • Optimization
  • Exposure Arising from Remedial Actions in Areas Contaminated with Radioactive Material
  • Exposure to Radon
  • Exposure to Cosmic Rays
6 Protection of Workers in Special Cases
  • Female Workers during and after Pregnancy
  • Itinerant Workers
5 Exposure of Workers in Existing Exposure Situations.png6 Protection of workers in Special Cases.png
7 Management System Providers of Technical Services
  • General Considerations
  • Management Responsibility
  • Process Implementation
  • Performance Measurement, Assessment and Improvement
  • Additional Guidance for Providers of Calibration and Testing Services
8 Assessment of Occupational Exposure
  • Assessment of External Exposure
  • Assessment of Internal Exposure
  • Exposure Assessment in Emergencies
  • Skin Contamination
  • Record of Occupational Exposure
  • Assessment of Exposure from NORM
7 Management System Providers of Technical Services.png8 Assessment of Occupational Exposure.png
9 Engineered Controls, Administrative Controls and Personal Protective Equipment
  • General Considerations
  • Engineered Controls
  • Administrative Controls
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Special considerations for NORM
10 Worker`s Health Surveillance
  • Responsibilities
  • Worker`s Health Surveillance Programme
  • Medical Examination of Workers
  • Notification of Aliments and Overexposure
  • Medical Records
  • Management of Overexposed Workers
9 Engineered controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment.png10 Worker s Health Surveillance .png
Occupational Radiation Protection (in English)
Group Exercise Selection of personal protective equipment.png       
Occupational Radiation Protection (in Spanish)