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Emergency Preparedness and Response Resources

The IEC is the global focal point for international emergency preparedness, communication and response to nuclear and radiological incidents and emergencies, regardless of whether they arise from accident, negligence or deliberate act. It is the world's centre for the coordination of international EPR assistance.

Unified System for Information Exchange in Incidents and Emergencies (USIE)

USIE is a secure website maintained by the IAEA to enable countries to exchange urgent notifications and follow-up information during an emergency.

EPR Information Management System (EPRIMS)

EPRIMS is an interactive, web-based tool for Member States to share information on their EPR capabilities for nuclear and radiological emergencies at the preparedness stage.

International Radiation Monitoring Information System (IRMIS)

IRMIS is a mechanism for the reporting and visualisation of large quantities of environmental radiation monitoring data during nuclear or radiological emergencies.

Assessment and Prognosis Tools (A&P Tools)

These tools are used by the IAEA to fulfil its response role in assessment and prognosis during a nuclear and radiological emergency.

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