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Country Nuclear Power Profiles

The CNPP covers background information on the status and development of nuclear power programs in countries having nuclear plants in operation and/or plants under construction, and in countries actively engaged in planning such programs. It reviews the organizational and industrial aspects of nuclear power programs in participating countries, and provides information about the relevant legislative, regulatory and international frameworks in each country.

Resource Information

Quality Level Authoritative - information is confirmed with authoritative national contact points
Completeness Selective - it includes all countries with operating nuclear power plants and some without
Update Frequency Occasionally - the date of the latest update is shown for each country
Last Resource Update N/A
Subject Nuclear Power Infrastructure; Nuclear Plant Construction; Nuclear Power Programmes
Organizational Source Nuclear Energy
Data Type Statistics and Forecasts
Keywords Nuclear Power Infrastructure; Energy; Nuclear Power; Nuclear Power Engineering; legislative; organizational and industrial aspects; regulatory and international frameworks; status and development of nuclear power programmes; country nuclear power profiles
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Page Authors
Fisher Teng
YASAR, Tufan