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Direct Application of Phosphate Rock

In order to guide decisions and recommendations on the use of phosphate rock (PR) as fertilizer, predict their cost-effectiveness as a source of phosphorus for crop productivity and its long-term sustainability and environmental consequences of using soluble P and phosphate rocks. FAO, IAEA and IFDC jointly developed this DAPR website.
The DAPR website is an interactive resource of information on the use of phosphatic fertilizers, in particular phosphates rock. It also includes a decision support system (DSS) integrating soil, crop, phosphate rock and site factors to predict their relative agronomic effectiveness and economic utilization, so that valuable information can be provided to resource managers including policy makers and farmers. The DAPR website also has a database of phosphate rocks containing the chemical properties of the rocks and their solubility values. It also has a list of phosphorus references/bibliography.

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