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Food Contaminant and Residue Information System

FCRIS is a chemical food contaminant resource of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture. It focuses on Codex food standards/guidelines and reducing the incidence of food trade rejections as a result of chemical contaminants and violative levels of residues. FCRIS provides information relating to food contaminants, residues plus chemical and toxicological data on pesticides and veterinary drugs as well as methods of analysis fit for residue surveillance programs.

Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked by IAEA Secretariat
Completeness Comprehensive
Update Frequency Periodically yearly
Last Resource Update 2012 - May
Subject Analytical Chemistry
Organizational Source Nuclear Applications
Data Type Directory
Keywords Food Contaminants; Veterinary Drugs/Pharmaceuticals; Residues; Analytical Methods; Deuterated internal standards; Codex; Pesticides; Reference material
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