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LiveChart of Nuclides - Advanced version

LiveChart is an interactive chart of the nuclides - nuclear structure and decay properties of all known nuclides are presented through a user-friendly graphical interface. Most of the accessible data are taken from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF), which is the most authoritative and up-to-date database in this area. In addition, other data of interest, e.g. thermal neutron cross sections, nuclear moments and radii can also be displayed.

Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked by the IAEA Secretariat
Completeness Comprehensive
Update Frequency Periodically - quarterly
Last Resource Update 2014
Subject Nuclear Data (cross sections, energies etc)
Organizational Source Nuclear Applications
Data Type Evaluated Data Library
Keywords nuclear; structure; decay; nuclide table; nuclide chart; ENSDF; thermal neutron; moments; fission yields
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Page Authors
ZERKIN, Viktor
NATHANI, Kira Nicole