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Power Reactor Information System

PRIS is a comprehensive data source of nuclear power reactors in the world. It includes specification and performance history data of operating reactors as well as reactors under construction and those being decommissioned. The reactor specification data consist of basic information, such as location, operator, owner, suppliers, and milestone dates, and technical characteristics of design. The performance data include energy production and loss data as well as outage and operational event information.
Registered users have on-line access to PRIS through the web-based applications supporting data collection and performance indicator reporting.

Resource Information

Quality Level Authoritative - information is confirmed with authoritative national contact points.
Completeness Comprehensive - it includes all power reactors in the world in the categories it reports
Update Frequency Continually
Last Resource Update N/A
Subject Nuclear Power
Organizational Source Nuclear Energy
Data Type Statistics and Forecasts
Keywords Fukushima; Energy; Nuclear Power; Nuclear Power Engineering; Decommissioning; Energy Availability Factor; Power Reactor; Unit Capability Factor; Power Reactor Information System; nuclear power plant
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