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Fundamentals and Basic Professional Training Courses: Thermal Hydraulics, Heat Transfer

This Electronic textbook has been made available to the interested reader in order to support self-study for those who are unfamiliar with basic nuclear engineering. The target audience of this textbook are university graduates or postgraduates.
Please note that this course is only a basic introduction on heat transfer and by no means provides the necessary instruction on thermo hydraulics at university level needed before addressing nuclear safety concepts at the junior professional level. This course is divided into Modules and Sections.

Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked by NS Professional staff
Completeness Comprehensive
Update Frequency Static
Last Resource Update 2008
Subject Safety aspects of work with/ on: Fusion; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Nuclear fuel; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Radioactive sources; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Radioactive wastes; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Uranium mining and milling; Safety in the transport of radioactive materials
Organizational Source Nuclear Safety
Data Type Training Textbook
Keywords Training; Reactor Physics; Fundamentals; nuclear safety; Training Material on TRIGA Research Reactor; Regulatory Control of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs); Basic Professional Training Course on Nuclear Safety (BPTC); EDF NPP Operating Safety Handbook (RC); Basic Safety Concepts; Fundamentals of Thermal Hydraulics
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