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The IAEA CONNECT platform provides a gateway and collaboration spaces for IAEA professional networks, also called international communities of practice, to support capacity building in our Member States, increasing the participation of individuals and organizations involved in them, and making available additional sources of information which complement existing training. 

The content is provided by the participants in the various networks. As of June 2018, these communities include bDN, CBH, CGULS, DISPONET, ENVIRONET, IDN, IPN, LABONET, MSN, NKM, NNE, RSLS, SFM and URF.


Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked
Completeness Comprehensive and it includes information provided on a voluntary basis by participants in the networks
Update Frequency Continually
Last Resource Update 2016
Subject Decommissioning of Facilities; Effect of Radioactive Wastes on Environment; Environmental Aspects; Environmental Policies; Gathering of Data; Geology; Groundwater; Knowledge Management; Management of Business Intelligence; NPP Operation; Nuclear Energy; Nuclear Physics; Nuclear Waste; Nuclear Power Infrastructure; Nuclear Power Programmes; Waste Technology
Organizational Source Nuclear Energy
Data Type Scientific Networks; Documents; Reference Material; Training Workshop; Reports
Keywords Community; Conferences and Training; country nuclear power profiles; cross sections; data files; databases; Decommissioning; Disposal; Disused radioactive sources; education and training; e-learning; Environmental Management; Environmental Remediation; evaluated neutron reaction data library; Expert; fast reactor; Fuel Cycle Facilities; Geological Repository; heavy water reactor; Hot Cells; HotLab; IAEA; Lectures; knowledge transfer; Library; Light water reactor; Management Systems; management for safety; modelling; network; Networking; networks; Nuclear engineering and technology; Nuclear power plants; Nuclear Power Infrastructure; Nuclear Power Engineering; Nuclear Power Technology Development; nuclear safety; Nuclear Waste; Power Reactor; radioactive waste management; Remediation; risk management; Sealed radioactive sources; TC; Technical Cooperation; training materials; Waste Technology; Workshop
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