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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IAEA CONNECT platform?

​ The IAEA CONNECT platform is an easy-to-use online environment that hosts a wide range of IAEA’s professional networks that brings together professionals and experts from IAEA and its Member States to facilitate the sharing of information and capacity building while offering a centralized resource hub in their topical areas. Terms of Use and disclaimer can be found also here.


What can I find on the CONNECT platform? 

 You can find technical networks' sites filled with information on their specific areas. Consider these networks' sites as your one-stop shop (but free, of course) for all information related to that technical network area. Each network is unique, therefore, they will not necessarily offer the same features and types of content, but generally you will be able to find related publications, fellow peers, access to e-learning materials, useful links, forums for discussions, multimedia libraries, and more.

CONNECT, through the networks, enables the following to users and to Member State institutions at no cost:

    • A single-entry point for area specific resources (members have access to additional resources);
    • Cost free access to training materials and courses, including e-learning modules;
    • Access to materials presented at IAEA workshops, training courses, group scientific visits and similar (for network members only);
    • Access to peers; (for network members only);
    • Access to shared experiences and lessons learned, including good practices (for network members only); and
    • Collaborative development of guidance documents, procedures and training materials (for network members only).


How do I access the networks' public sites?

 It is as simple as to click on the respective network icon available under the IAEA Network tab, on the CONNECT homepage. Once you are there, you can bookmark it for easier future returns. You can also use the links provided two questions down. Yes, we try to make things easy for you as much as we can.


How to access the members-only portion of the networks' sites? 

 You will need to become a member of that network. It is very easy! For details on how to request network access, please watch this.


Which networks are available on CONNECT?

 Currently there are 19 IAEA networks established:

  • beta-Delayed Neutron Emission - bDN
  • Nuclear Energy Capacity Building Hub - CBH
  • Coordination Group for Uranium Legacy Sites - CGULS
  • International Low Level Waste Disposal Network - DISPONET
  • Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources Network - DSRS Net
  • Network of Environmental Management and Remediation - ENVIRONET
  • Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation Network - GFNI
  • International Decommissioning Network - IDN
  • International Predisposal Network - IPN
  • International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization - LABONET​
  • Management System Network of Excellence - MSN
  • International Network on Nuclear Knowledge Management - NKM Network
  • Nuclear Fuel Engineering Network - NFE Net
  • Networking Nuclear Education Community of Practice - NNE
  • Research Reactor Information Hub - RRIH
  • International Working Forum on Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites - RSLS 
  • International Network on Spent Fuel Management - SFM Net
  • Underground Research Facilities Network for Geological Disposal - URF Network
  • International Network on the Uranium Production Cycle - UPC Net

The CONNECT platform is now hosting also a pilot partner network. This network is coordinated by the World Nuclear University and its members are the Summer Institute Alumni. For more information, please check out the link below.

  • Networks for Nuclear Innovation - NNI


Can I be a member of more than one network?

 Yes, you can. You might not need to, but you can. That is because on the CONNECT platform, once you are a member of one network you have access to content on the whole platform, including the other members-only areas. However, please note there are some limitations. As the platform is interactive, you will only be able to contribute in discussion forums and upload documents, for example, on the network area you are a member of. You can request access to other networks, once you are a member already, from this page. Or you can proceed just like you did when you requested your first membership. Can't remember how you did it? Watch this!


Does the IAEA CONNECT platform have a Terms of Reference?

Yes, you can find it here


How can I contact the CONNECT Administrators?

We are always glad to hear from you. You can contact us at