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A General Overview of Graphite Core Project Team Related Projects
Authors Note:

The author would like to make clear that the following guide is a summary collage of material found in various sources within and outside of EdF Energy. This guide should under no circumstance be used as a supporting reference and be distributed outside of the Graphite Core Project Team.


The intention of this guide is to give the reader a general overview of the aspects of the Graphite Core Project Team – it is not a substitute for the regimented training material that is available from the EdF Energy Training Centre.


This document has not been verified: it should only ever be used as a general guide.


Glossary of terms


1. Background and Introduction to the Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor       


1.1 Fundamentals of Nuclear Power

1.2 General Design and Principles of the Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (AGR)

1.3 Safety Requirements of an Advanced Gas Reactor

1.4 Other Designs of Nuclear Power Stations          

1.5 British Energy’s Fleet of AGR Stations  

1.6 Construction Photographs

1.7 References and Further Reading


2. The Graphite Reactor Core        


2.1 What is Graphite

2.2 Manufacturing and Production of Graphite

2.3 Graphite Behaviour under Irradiation      

2.4 History of Graphite in the UK Nuclear Industry

2.5 Graphite in the Advanced Gas Reactor Fleet      

2.6 References and Further Reading


3. Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor Inspection         


3.1 In Service Inspection (ISI)

3.2 Remote Manipulators    
Reactor Core Inspections – Channel Bore Measurement Unit (CBMU)

3.4 CBMU Measurements   

3.5 Reactor Core Inspections – Graphite Trepanning Tool (GTT)        

3.6 Trepanning Tool Unit (TTU) Samples      

3.7 TRIUMPH Camera Inspections   

3.8 Camera Inspection Results        

3.9 Man Access     

3.10 References and Further Reading      


Materials Test Reactor  


4.1 Introduction     

4.2 Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG)

4.3 Strategy

4.4 References and Further Reading


Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor Modelling and Test Reactor Work          


5.1 Seismic Modelling

5.2 Mock Up Modelling

5.3 References and Further Reading      


Safety Cases and UK Legislation


6.1 Regulatory Control in the UK

6.2 Safety Case

6.2 Tolerability of Risk: the ALARP Philosophy

6.3 Safety Assessment Principles (SAP)     

6.4 References and Further Reading