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​Welcome to the Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Portal!

​Welcome to the Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Portal!

This portal aims at providing the community of users of nuclear instrumentation for different applications with a variety of tools and documents useful for their work.  

NSIL provides technical advice and support to IAEA Member States on effective use of nuclear instrumentation for different applications. These applications include the use of laboratory and synchrotron based x-ray spectroscopy techniques, radiation measurements using portable detectors, and techniques based on the use of ions or neutron beams.  Discussions or requests for advice on each of these topics are welcome on the dedicated pages. 

Looking for resources? Please visit our Downloads page to access free software and tools, as well as technical documents useful for a variety of applications. Teaching and training materials on a wide range of subjects are also available here to follow online or to download!

The laboratory also publishes a Newsletter where you can publicize the results of your work  

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Training materials from Workshop on Advanced x-ray Techniques for the characterization of valuable objects are being uploaded to our Training page under XRF section

9/8/2021 9:36 PM

Training Workshop on Accelerator Technology and Associated Instrumentation, Including Operation and Maintenance Aspects (Virtual event)

Will be held 22-26 November 2021. 

The event is intended for young and experienced electrostatic accelerator operators, engineers and scientists working at electrostatic accelerator facilities, with the aim of exchange of experience with other participants and experts from the field, widening their knowledge related to electrostatic accelerators through presentations and discussions.

7/12/2021 10:28 AM

Training Workshop will be held in virtual mode from 6 to 10 of September 2021.on Advanced x-ray Techniques for Characterization of Valuable Samples and Objects

6/30/2021 12:56 PM

Five new lectures are now available on Portable detectors for radiation field measurements!

6/12/2021 1:25 PM

A set of four demonstration videos in Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) was published under Training section!  Direct Link

3/30/2021 1:29 PM