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Nuclear Electronics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nuclear Electronics

The NSIL operates several in-house made data acquisition systems which aim to monitor and collect physical quantities from a broad range of instruments, starting from a simple portable instrument to a complex synchrotron beamline.

Trainings in nuclear electronics are a part of the Group Fellow Training (GFT) organized periodically. We provide support and advice in implementation of nuclear electronics for different applications in IAEA Member States.

Several  Workshops dedicated to relevant topics are organized Jointly with ICTP. For an update on forthcoming events, please visit the ICTP Scientific Calendar​

The Nuclear Electronics discussion board is open for the discussions in data acquisition systems (DAQ), DAQ software, detectors, signal conditioning electronics, among other topics 

(Requires login with your NUCLEUS credentials! If not registered yet, check how to register​)​

On-Line Training on FPGA and SoC Technology for Nuclear Instrumentation