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Proficiency Tests

Why Proficiency Testing is needed?

One of the main missions of any analytical chemistry laboratory is provision of reliable results. Many analytical laboratories in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Member States (MSs) carry out research aimed at improving the performance and extending the applicability of different nuclear and related analytical techniques.

The IAEA assists its MSs laboratories to maintain their readiness by producing reference materials, by developing standardized analytical methods and by conducting inter-laboratory comparisons and proficiency tests as tools for quality control. To achieve this aim and ensure a reliable worldwide, rapid and consistent response, the IAEA Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Laboratory (NSIL) organises proficiency tests annually for nuclear and related analytical techniques laboratories. Since 2001, the NSIL has organized twenty​ proficiency test exercises. Please visit the website to get more information about the proficiency tests organized by NSIL.

Want to know more about the PTs? Their main features are described here

Since 2002, 194 laboratories from 81 countries have participated in the PTs. ​​The geographical outreach of our PT can be viewed in this Map of PT participants

Interested to participate? Visit the PT website or send an email to or to