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Welcome to the world-wide Interactive Map of XRF Laboratories, developed and maintained by the IAEA Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Laboratory (NSIL), part of the Physics Section. This data base intends to provide a broad overview of laboratories employing XRF analysis for Fundamental or Applied Research, Services or Education & Training. All information was either received from the organizations operating these facilities or it was collected from different publicly accessible sources. It undergoes a process of only 'light review' by our NSIL team.

*To obtain more specific information about each of the laboratories, please click on the spot highlighted in the map. Other navigation tips are provided in the menu in the left upper corner of the map.

If your laboratory is not included in the database, you can provide relevant information by using this Input Form 

About the data base

In the present configuration, the laboratories are classified according to the available information

Regarding Quality Management 4 main categories have been defined, according to operation of Quality Management System (QMS) and its compliance to ISO17025: 

  • Accredited by ISO17025 requirements
  • Operating a QMS compliant with ISO 17025 requirements, but not formally accredited
  • Operating a QMS, but not fully compliant with ISO 17025 requirements
  • Not operating a QMS

For each facility, additional information can be visualized by clicking on the label of the laboratory in the map. Contact information, if provided by the laboratory, can be visualized from the Table at the bottom of the map.

Useful Tips

  • Click on the icon  inside the map to reset the map view.
  • Click the cursor over the individual facility marker to access additional info on the laboratory.
  • Use the fields "Country", "Available instruments", "Main Activities", "Analyzed samples" and/or "ISO17025" in the Table below the map to make custommized searches.

Contact us

The IAEA NSIL team is interested in feedback on this data base. Please send comments or update requests to: NSIL at