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Over the last 20 years NSIL has played a leading role worldwide in the effective use of X-ray fluorescence techniques and analytical methodologies for characterization of materials in Member States priority areas, such as on-site environmental assessment, mineral prospecting and the study of cultural heritage objects. The NSIL also has access for PIXE measurements at the Ruđer Bošković Institute (Zagreb, Croatia) and to different end-stations at the Elettra Synchrotron facility (Trieste, Italy). The access of IAEA Member States' investigators to such facilities for experimental work and adaptive research is promoted and facilitated through different mechanisms.

This page is your information exchange hub for X-ray Spectrometry related topics. Please, feel free to post your questions and answer in our Discussion Forum! For training offered by NSIL in XRS topics, as well as to some available training materials​, refer to the Training tab link​

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You may get acquainted with the instruments available at NSIL by following this guided tour!