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Electrostatic Accelerators and Ion Beams

Electrostatic Accelerators and Ion Beams

The NSIL carries out different activities related to electrostatic accelerators and Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) with the aim to promote the IBA techniques within the IAEA Member States and to facilitate scientists' access to such facilities. Additionally, the NSIL gives support to electrostatic accelerator facilities worldwide in operation and troubleshooting of their accelerator systems.

The main Physics Section accelerator page is Accelerator Knowledge Portal.

The NSIL has long collaboration with Ruđer Bošković Institute Accelerator Facility in Zagreb, Croatia. A wide spectrum of different Ion Beam Analysis methods can be applied at their beamlines.

The new five module e-learning course: "Introduction to electrostatic accelerators: from basic principles to operation and maintenance" has recently been developd. It is intended for technicians, engineers and users of small accelerators. It is particularly recommended for the newcomers in the field


Access to IBA facilities


Physics section of the IAEA has initiated a Coordinated Research Project (CRP) "Facilitating Experiments with Ion Beam Accelerators". This CRP aims at facilitating researchers from countries not having ion beam analysis (IBA) accelerator facilities to perform experiments in such facilities abroad. When dully justified, the CRP may also support scientists from countries hosting IBA accelerator facilities, which, however, do not offer those setups and experimental conditions necessary to conduct their research. Currently, eleven ion beam facilities worldwide provide the beam for this CRP

More information on how to get the beamtime: