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The Scanning Electron Microscope is one of the more powerful instruments for studying the morphological structure of different materials. As the electrons also produce the ionization of the atoms present in the sample,, the addition of x-ray detectors brings the additional value of studying the elemental composition of the inspected samples.

The microscope available at NSIL features a variable vacuum sample chamber, thus allowing to analyse biological samples without the risk of altering their morphology by the losses of moisture from the tissues.

The instrument has the following characteristics:

Imaging solution

Hydrated specimens, Non-conductors, Conductors


from 3nm (@30kV SE) to 10nm (@3kV SE)

Acceleration voltage



<5 – 1000000x

Field of view

6mm at AWD

X-ray geometry

8.5mm AWD and 35º take-off angle

X-ray detector

SDD, 50 mm2 area

Pressure range

10-3000Pa with air


BSD, 3 SED for 3 different levels of pressure

Chamber dimension

365mm (Ø) x 275mm (h)

Specimen stage

5 motorized axes: X (125mm), Y (125mm), Z (50mm), T (0-90º), R (360º)

Image processing

Resolution up to 3072x2304 pixel

SEM at NSIL.jpg