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Training in nuclear instrumentation topics

Training in nuclear instrumentation

Training activities in the field of nuclear instrumentation encompasses various topics such as radiation detectio​n, signal processing, radiation spectrometry, standard instrument and applications, covered in basic to specific trainings such as:

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  • ​Introduction to operation and use of radiation detectors, measurement systems and their applications, basic level, 2 weeks, generally organized at regional level in cooperation with NSIL.
  • Training in nuclear instrumentation, intermediate level, 8 to 10 weeks, organized at NSIL and covering various aspects including the basic principles of radiation detection, analog and digital electronics, nuclear spectrometry and standard applications.
  • Training in nuclear electronics, maintenance and repair, intermediate level, 4 to 5 weeks, generally organized in cooperation with NSIL at regional level.
  • Advanced trainings dedicated to the development, interfacing and utilization of nuclear instrumentation systems, through joint ICTP-IAEA training (2 week), or fellowship training (individual or small group for 1 to 6 months training) performed at NSIL or in a state-of-the-art Institution.

Additional and specific trainings, including train the trainers courses, can be tailored and designed according to the needs expressed by Member States.

A catalogue describing more than 30 experiments prepared by NSIL is available from the left menu. 

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