OTHEA takes forward the work previously done in the UK (ie IRID, which has now been replaced by OTHEA) and in France (ie the RELIR website).

The launch date for OTHEA is August 2010.


OTHEA is a bi-lingual (French and English) website, and the purpose is to share the lessons learnt from radiological incidents that have occurred in the industrial, medical, research and teaching, and other non-nuclear sectors. The aim is not to capture every single incident, but to provide a range of reports selected according to the value of the lessons learnt.

To encourage dissemination the incident reports are anonymous, ie any information that could identify a particular individual, organisation or site is removed. The reports can be freely downloaded and printed, for example for use in radiation protection training courses.

Membership and organisation

OTHEA has been jointly created by the Centre d’étude sur l’évaluation de la protection dans le domaine nucléaire (CEPN, France) and the Health Protection Agency (HPA, UK). It is also supported by national radiation protection societies and associations, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders (see the OTHEA website for a full list of partner and supporting organisations).

Main activities

The website contains a collection of incident reports, categorised according to the sector and the type of application, and a search facility. Each report contains a brief summary of the incident, the radiological consequences, and the lessons learned.

For OTHEA to be a long-term success, it needs to be sustained with new reports. Therefore, as well as being invited to access the existing information, users are encouraged to submit new reports that can be considered for inclusion in OTHEA. Details on how to do this can be found on the website.



For more information, please go to the OTHEA website