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Latin America Occupational Radiation Protection Optimization Network (REPROLAM)

Considering the countries of Latin America have common interests for the practical application of the optimization principle and that existing networks in other regions of the world are contributing to the improvement of the infrastructures of occupational radiation protection, it was agreed to create the Latin America Occupational Radiation Protection Optimization Network (REPROLAM). This initiative was promoted within the framework of the implementation of the International Action Plan on Occupational Radiation Protection – IAPORP - developed by the IAEA/ILO.

The Coordination Meeting of the Technical Cooperation Project RLA / 9/066 "Strengthening and updating of technical competencies for the protection of the health and safety of occupationally exposed workers to ionizing radiation", held in Medellín Colombia in October 2010, created the promoter group with a Steering Committee composed of experts from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru and Uruguay.

The creation of REPROLAM took place at the meeting of the Steering Committee, at the Radioprotection and Dosimetry Institute (IRD), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 27 to July 1, 2011. At that meeting, the Statutes and activities to be developed until 2013.
The objectives of REPROLAM are:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information and an integrated approach to the practical application of the principle of optimization of occupational radiation protection.
  • Contribute to the harmonization of occupational radiation protection policies and practices, particularly in relation to the optimization principle, in the different components of the national infrastructure: users of radiation sources, technical scientific support services and regulatory authorities.
  • To maintain, improve and develop levels of competence in radiation protection with special emphasis on the application of the optimization principle in cases of occupational exposure, in situations of normal and emergency exposure.
  • Contribute to integration and cooperation in relation to specialized knowledge and services in occupational radiation protection.
  • Identify and investigate important topics of common interest to implement optimization processes in occupational radiation protection.

The Steering Committee composition: Ana María Castellanos Macchiorlato (Argentina), Luiz Ernesto Santos de Carvalho Matta (Brazil) REPROLAM Coordinator, Maikol Salas Ramírez (Costa Rica), Tony Benavente Alvarado (Peru), Juan Carlos Hermida Lamanna, Rodolfo Cruz Suarez, Representative of IAEA.

The REPROLAM coordinator has been invited the countries of the region to appoint their representative to REPROLAM. Other interested parties will also be invited to contribute to the work of the network.