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XRF-training program

Training in XRF​

The training programs on XRF are tailored to the needs of the fellows, and the duration is from 8 to 14 weeks. 

A combination of the following topics is p​ossible:​

  1. Introduction to X-ray Physics: Nature of X​-rays, X-ray Interactions with Matter, Attenuation of X-rays, Principle of XRF analysisIMG-20220624-WA0008.jpg

  2. Instrumentation in XRF analysis: Types of XRF spectrometers, Comparison of performance, Excitation sources and exciting beam modifiers (filters, secondary targets, polarizers, x-ray optics, etc.), Detectors and Signal processing
  3. Statistics concepts and relevance for XRF: XRF spectra features and main interferences, Interpretation of XRF spectra, detection limits​
  4. Introduction to Quantitative analysis: Fundamentals and comparison of possible approaches for quantification. Training in 1-2 of any of the following methods of choice:
    • Analysis of thin samples: Elemental sensitivity and Linear Regression calibrations
    • Analysis of samples of geological origin: Scatter-corrected calibrations to compensate for differences in attenuation effects
    • Analysis of samples of major constituents in mineral samples: Sample dilution 
    • Analysis of samples of biological origin: Scatter based definition of matrix for attenuation corrections
    • Trace analysis of liquid samples: Total Reflection XRF
    • Analysis of metal alloys: Fundamental parameters and alpha coefficients  

  5. Method validation according to EURACHEM MV guide, including a demonstration  on how to assess the validity of factory-made calibrations (e.g. the ones sold with the instrument, if that is the case) 
  6. Practical demonstrations using EDXRF and WDXRF instruments. Calibration and Validation  
  7. Introduction to IAEA AXIL-QXAS, Practice on spectrum fitting and options for off-line analysis 
  8. Internal quality control actions ​
Fellows are strongly suggested to follow e-learning ​introductory courses​ before joining in person training!​