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INPRO Dialogue Forum
International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO)

The INPRO Dialogue Forum offers a platform for technology holders, technology users and other stakeholders from all IAEA interested Member States and facilitates discussion so that technology holders can better understand the needs and concerns of technology users, and users can better understand the possibilities and limitations of technology holders associated with the development and deployment of innovative nuclear energy systems.

The INPRO Dialogue Forum focusses on topics and issues relevant to global nuclear energy sustainability in the 21st century, long term nuclear energy strategies and the role of nuclear technology innovations.

The INPRO Dialogue Forum is open to all IAEA Member States and involves a variety of stakeholders, including governments, national and international organizations, regulators, vendors, operators and researchers.

Open discussions between technology users and holders at an early stage in the development of nuclear energy systems facilitate a common understanding of issues, establishment of strategic partnerships between technology users and holders and future deployment of innovative nuclear energy systems in the technology user countries.

The main value of the INPRO Dialogue Forum lies in the opportunity to discuss and share perspectives on issues of common interest, with the goal of reaching consensus and adopting joint policies.