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17th INPRO Dialogue Forum on Opportunities and Challenges in Small Modular Reactors​
International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO)

 2–5 July 2019 | Ulsan, Republic of Korea

There are increasing interests in the development and deployment of small modular reactors (SMRs) as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. SMRs are newer generation reactors designed to generate electric power up to 300 MW, whose components and systems can be shop fabricated and then transported as modules to the sites for installation. Modular reactors allow for less on-site construction, increased containment efficiency, and heightened nuclear materials security. SMRs have been proposed as a less expensive alternative to conventional nuclear reactors. SMRs could fulfil the need of flexible power generation for a wide range of users and applications, including replacing aging fossil power plants, providing cogeneration for countries with smaller electricity grids as well as regions with less developed infrastructure and for energy systems that combine nuclear and alternative sources, including renewables. The Dialogue Forum will focus not only on technology, but also institutional aspects, such as market, resources, effects of regulation and public acceptance issues.

The objectives of this 17th INPRO Dialogue Forum are as follows:

  • To discuss and share information and knowledge on current status and potential SMRs and its role in the energy market (also beyond electricity generation) with a broad set of participant perspectives including technology developers and potential suppliers and customers;
  • To promote an open dialogue on the national, regional and global opportunities while highlighting key challenges in development and deployment of SMRs (including investment and financial models);
  • To explore the different perspectives of participants regarding these opportunities and challenges through structured breakout group dialogue sessions.

Working Documents


Opening Session

Session I: Research & Technology Development

Session II: Market Opportunities

Session III: Design Requirements

Session IV: Near-Term Deployment

Wrap-up Session

Closing Session