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5th INPRO Dialogue Forum on Global Nuclear Energy Sustainability: Long-term Prospects for Nuclear Energy in the Post-Fukushima Era
International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO)

​27-31 August 2012 | Seoul, Republic of Korea

The INPRO Dialogue Forum brings together nuclear technology users, holders and other stakeholders from interested Member States to discuss issues related to sustainable nuclear energy development and deployment.

This Dialogue Forum workshop is the first one ever hosted by a Member State, the Republic of Korea. The meeting, which is the 5th in the series of the INPRO Dialogue Forum, aims to discuss and identify key issues to ensure the long-range sustainability of nuclear energy on the national, regional, and global level, in the light of lessons learned from Fukushima.


Working Documents


Session I: Opening and Introduction

Session II-A: Nuclear Power Deployment in the 21st Century

Session II-B: Nuclear Power Deployment in the 21st Century

National Perspectives: Countries with Nuclear Power
National Perspectives: Countries without Nuclear Power

Session III: Stakeholder Involvement and Public Communication

Session IV: Nuclear Safety and Innovations

Session V: Brainstorming Session

Session VI: Closing Session